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…and meanwhile at the Birdsville Pub

In amongst all of this exciting European news we have an update from Phil & Susan (previous AllTrails owners) who many of you will know. They are going very well and are on track on their walk up the middle of Australia in the footsteps of Burke & Wills, raising money for the Fred Hollows […]
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Amsterdam to Gouda

Day 14. Stage 2 begins. We headed back out this morning into the organised chaos of the Amsterdam traffic and soon found ourselves in the countryside once again. Today’s riding was absolutely beautiful as we travelled the lovely back roads that wind their way through the small towns and villages. The country is so green and […]
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Rest Day Amsterdam

Day 13. After a bit of a sleep in this morning we headed off on our rest day activity which was a canal cruise and walking food tour of Amsterdam. It was interesting cruising past all the houseboats that quite a few people live on. We even saw a floating playground on a barge. Our […]
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Kampen to Amsterdam

Day 12. Well the “Dutch hills” got us today. Like a Mack truck in the face. Before coffee break it was windy, then between coffee and lunch it was windy and then after lunch for something different it was…um, windy. The scenery was pretty and we rode through some lovely villages, Elburg being one of the […]
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Coevorden to Kampen

Day 11. What an absolutely beautiful day to be riding a bike through the beautifully treed towns and villages of the Netherlands. We set off early this morning (for a change) for a day where we could take it easy as we only had 75kms of flat flat flat riding ahead. The Dutch take their bike […]
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Cloppenburg to Coevorden

Day 10. Somehow Richard and I seem to be nearly the last out on the road each morning, mostly because everyone else is so super keen to get going but today it was a pesky tube that held us up. And it must have been the distraction of this that caused us to miss the first […]
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Bremen to Cloppenburg

Day 9. It’s our last full day in Germany today. To be honest we won’t miss the German bike paths too much, some of them are pretty bumpy but at least they’re lucky enough to have a good network of paths. Anything under 100kms is starting to feel like we’re slacking off for the day because […]
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Hamburg to Bremen

Day 8. It was a good ride day today, nice mild weather, no winds, pretty country, pretty towns with lovely houses and beautifully maintained gardens. It’s a great way to spend 110kms on the bike – the time and distance just flies past you on days like these. You see a lot of people cycle touring and […]
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Hamburg rest day

Day 6. After some long days and yesterday’s rain we were all glad to have a rest day today in Hamburg. Time to get the washing done, dry out the shoes and maybe have a bit of a sleep in. Only not too much of a sleep in because we had a scheduled boat tour […]
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Lubeck to Hamburg

Day 5. Well as promised we woke up this morning to the sound of rain. Our guide Ronny had been asked at briefing what kind of rain we could expect which he tried to describe via sound effects. What we heard in the morning was pretty much spot on. But what’s a good bike tour […]
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