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This weekend Susan and I went up to the Woodend/ Kyneton area and I ran my 42km back-to-back marathons on Saturday and Sunday. From cold and dark early morning starts at 5:30am, the days turned sunny and beautiful as sunrise came and brought on the day revealing an abundance of wildlife including lots of kangaroos and many birds skwawking and making a fuss about my presence.

Saturday’s run was done with limited food and water, finishing at 11:30am. Although I was happy with the time, I needed plenty of replenishment after the run to recover so on Sunday I concentrated on eating and drinking more, which made me run slower but kept my body topped up with the energy it needed to get through the day so the weekend was a great test run for the multi marathon in a few weeks time.

That will be the last of my big training runs before hitting the Mawson and it was great to celebrate the achievement of back-to-back marathons with Susan, my true supporter.

Kate goes into hospital this week for surgery on her cancer. She is in our hearts and minds always but especially this week during this very important time. All the best to you Kate.

Thanks to the many of you who have donated to Kate through her youcaring fundraising page. All money raised will go directly to medical costs for Kate’s treatment, not towards any expenses incurred on my run, so please give generously if you can:

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