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2014 Two Bays on a Bike

RACV Group Tour

Sunday 09 March, 2014 to Friday 14 March, 2014

After 16 years in the business, AllTrails is famous in the Australian cycle tour industry and is proud to be working in conjunction with RACV to provide the ‘Two Bays on a Bike’ cycle tour – a wonderful adventure taking in Gippsland, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula and the Bellarine Peninsula while crossing two bays by ferry over a 6 day tour.

We organise everything that you will need for the duration of the tour including accommodation, food, safety and support vehicles, bike mechanic, luggage transfer, the best tour guides in the business, and much more, so that you can pedal away each morning with the knowledge that your luggage will be taken care of, food will be ready for you at the next stop, and you are being looked after every step of the way.

This tour has a very achievable average cycling distance of 50km/day which makes the ride well within reach of any average cyclist willing to put in some training. AllTrails will provide a training program for those who need one and we also have the support vehicle available every day on the ride for those who wish to skip any portion of the day’s ride for any reason.

This is a beautifully designed tour through some remarkable areas of Victoria. Get on board with RACV and AllTrails and book today – you will love it.

Two Bays on a Bike
RACV Group Tour

Date :
9 Mar 2014 – 14 Mar 2014
Duration :
6 days, 5 nights.
5 or 6 actual ride days.
1 optional rest day.
Distance :
Ave. Daily :
Bike Type :
Road or Hybrid Bike
Terrain :
Bitumen roads, mostly flat with a few hills
Group Size :
Accom :
RACV Resorts and cyclist-friendly motels
Meals  :
All meals and morning & afternoon teas except rest day
Difficulty Grading :
Price :
This ride has passed
Deposit :
This inaugural RACV bike ride is an event that any RACV member cyclist should not miss. You will not only stay at two of the best RACV Resorts (1 night at Inverloch, 2 nights Cape Schanck), but also visit a great country motel and a 4-star gem by the sea.

After your first class rail trip from Melbourne to Warragul, cycling across the beautiful rolling hills of Gippsland is a wonderful experience, similar to old English countryside with cattle grazing in the lush green pastures. RACV Resort Inverloch is our base on night 2 of the ride followed by the charms and atmosphere of wonderful Phillip Island before your first ferry across Westernport Bay, taking you to new land and the different scenery of the Mornington Peninsula.

Highlights on the Peninsula are many as you cycle the coast through quaint townships & sea-side villages. Dramatic scenery, lovely cycling on picturesque low-traffic roads and a rest day at RACV Cape Schanck will set you up for your second and final ferry across Port Phillip Bay from Sorrento to Queenscliff where we make our way down the Bellarine Rail Trail (or road) to Geelong before catching the train back to Melbourne.

Experience all of this with the renowned AllTrails support and care, as you enjoy the thrill of having cycled through stunning country and crossed from two bayside headlands.


  • Departs from RACV Club Melbourne doorstep
  • First Class train travel from Melbourne to Gippsland
  • Coal Creek Heritage Village
  • Cycle through the wonderful Gippsland region
  • Catch the Inverloch Jazz festival’s Monday Picnic in the Park
  • RACV Resort Inverloch
  • Cape Paterson, San Remo, Phillip Island (overnight at Cowes)
  • RACV Cape Schanck Resort (2 nights and a rest day)
  • Optional rest day ride up famous Arthurs Seat for a wonderful view of the Bay & Peninsula
  • Sorrento, Queenscliff, Geelong
  • 2 lovely ferry rides across two bays
  • Great bitumen roads all the way with option to use sections of scenic rail trail
  • Relaxed pace to give you time to take in the scenery & atmosphere

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We are happy to answer any other questions you may have

Feel free to contact us at any time through our website ‘Contact Us’ page, phone or email. We love what we do and want to get you on the best bike ride for you. Speak to us about what’s on your mind and we’ll help you make your decision.

Support bus availability

Our support bus is there to support the tour and also pick up riders who need to jump in for any reason. This vehicle can be quite popular on some days – especially long days or days with big hills! There is no shame in riding in this bus so if you are considering a tour but are not 100% sure if you will be up to it on the toughest day(s), just go for it – our vehicle and staff will be there to help out. It’s better to give it a try than to miss out all together. The bus is also sometimes used for part-time riders who only ride certain sections of each day – these are often partners of someone else on the ride.

Insurance – IMPORTANT

Obtaining appropriate insurance is your (very important) responsibility – even if you live in Australia.
*** Travel Insurance for lost deposits and cancellations ***
Lost deposits: We very strongly recommend you take out travel insurance for your trip – even if you live in Australia. This should include cover for cancellation fees, lost deposits, and stolen or lost luggage. We cannot emphasise enough how important this is. There are many unforeseen reasons why cyclists may need to withdraw from a ride – injury, health or other. Cancellation fees can be a major financial loss to you and as a small business we need to adhere to our cancellation policies. Please go to the ride page on our website for your ride and click the ‘Terms & Conditions’ button to see the ride’s cancel policy (note that most travel insurance policies will not include your bike as luggage so that may need to be covered under your home contents insurance or under a specialist bike insurance).
Travel Insurance: Domestic travel insurance cover tends to be significantly cheaper than international cover (approx $50 for one week). Above are two websites that offer both international and domestic travel insurance that you can look at. You can also speak to your local travel agent, or often airline booking websites will offer travel insurance as an optional extra as you book your flight.
*** Cyclist insurance for accidents & medical ***
This is also very strongly recommended. We cannot emphasise enough how important this is. Cycling can be a dangerous activity and you must be prepared for the worst. You may have an accident in training for the ride, on the ride itself, or cycling down to the corner store. If you are a cyclist coming on our tour you should be 100% prepared for the unexpected.
Cyclist insurance can be bought separately, or it comes with cycling memberships such as Bicycle Network or Bicycle Queensland. If you are involved in a crash or collision they will support you with personal injury costs, loss of income, third party liability insurance, assistance in completing your claim paper work & free legal consultation.

Getting to the start of the Rail Trail Tour (and back)

Drive yourself to Tallarook, or for those that want to get a lift from Melbourne, our 10 seater bus will leave at 8am from Melbourne taking you, your bike and luggage to Tallarook, near Seymour, where we meet those who have driven up. We then all go to Mansfield in the AllTrails bus. Upon arrival in Mansfield we have lunch and prepare ourselves and our bikes before riding 24km to Bonnie Doon.
The ride finishes in Tallarook. Some will drive home from there, some will travel in our bus back to Melbourne.

bike type and rail trail riding surface

The primary riding surface is hard gravel, best suited to Mountain Bikes, though Hybrids are also fine – a Road Bike would be a struggle.

Safe cycling on the Rail Trail?

Yes, that is one of the great things about this ride. Cycling always has risks, however on the rail trail there is no traffic to worry about, or cars overtaking you. You cycle on the rail trail for the entire distance with very minimal cycling on roads. There is very little chance of getting lost, you can cycle at your own pace with your friends two or even three abreast. If you do need support, our bus is never far away.

Training for the Rail Trail

You really need to be a reasonably fit person, however not necessarily a fast or a highly experienced ‘cyclist’. If you can sit on an average speed of 15 km/hr on a flat road, you will be fine. Try to build your kilometre total distance in training to gradually attain about 40km a day for 2 days straight. Remember there is no rush with this ride, and there is always a backup vehicle not too far away.

Accommodation on the rail trail

We choose the best and most welcoming motel for cyclists and our tour group needs. Bonnie Doon is a good country motel where you will lap up the famous ‘serenity’ of the area, while Yea is a beautiful authentic heritage country escape.

Sharing rooms – how does it work?

On the online entry form you can nominate any travelling companions that you would like to share a room with and/or be accommodated close to so that couples or friends can be grouped together. This can be in a double bed or in twin beds. If you are travelling alone like many of our riders, Single Supplement is available for those who would like their own room for the whole trip. On some tours you can also choose to ‘twin share’ where single riders are paired with other riders of the same gender and changed at each accommodation to create interest in sharing rooms. On other tours you may need to put your name down on a Twin Share Request List and we will try to match you up. If you are a snorer or have other habits that may affect your fellow room-mates we suggest booking your own room. If you are coming on your own and have booked in as twin share, this usually means that you will share a room with one other single twin share traveller, however in some cases we may have larger rooms (eg. two bedroom apartment or a B&B/house with multiple bathrooms) where we may have 3 or 4 single twin share travellers together.

Travelling alone?

Not a problem! You’ll find other like-minded cycling companions taking part in our rides. If you’re a solo traveller we can pair you with other solo travellers of the same gender in twin share accom (early bookers only) or you can opt for Single Supplement (additional cost) to receive a room of your own.

Snorers can enjoy their own room

If you are a chronic snorer or have other habits that may affect your fellow room-mates we suggest booking your own room (single supplement cost). This is not just a courtesy to your fellow travelling companions, but will also give you the space & privacy you need to enjoy your sleep after a long day on the bike.

Carrying personal items on the bike

We suggest you carry a spare tube, a full water bottle and your own personal goods such as camera, wallet and rain gear if it’s threatening, on your bike with you. We transport your luggage, day packs, food & extra water. A detailed list of what is required and provided will be sent to you in your pre-tour info pack.

Meals and food

Always a big part of any cycling holiday! Check tour details for meal inclusions on your ride. Our emphasis is on fresh food and balanced diet with plenty of carbohydrates, proteins, fruit and vegies catering for a cycling holiday. We successfully cater to most dietary requirements, however feel free to contact us with any questions. Most meals are included as part of our tours, however you may be required to purchase some meals. See the ‘Day to Day’ tab for more details, or click the ‘Download Itinerary’ button.

Non-riding partners and part-time cyclists

We realise that often our riders want to spend their holidays with loved ones who may not be as keen on the bike as they are themselves – we are happy to accommodate those non-riding partners and part-time riders who want to only ride part of each day, or only certain days. We will generally try to allocate pickup points along the route every day. The entry price will be the same for non-riders and part-time riders.


We have a great safety record, but accidents can happen. We have comprehensive First-Aid Kits with trained 1st aiders as tour guides and drivers, mobiles and a satellite phone for emergency calls and the locality of hospitals in the areas that we travel through. We also have vehicles that can take anyone injured or sick for further treatment. You can also help by immediately stopping or slowing on-coming traffic if a fellow cyclist does have a fall. Safety discussions are held throughout the tour as part of the daily briefings.

Bike hire for the Rail Trail

We do not have a fleet of hire bikes ourselves however we have a contact at the start of the ride who can provide hire bikes appropriate bike for a rail trail. Get in touch with us for more details or tick the ‘hire bike’ option in the ‘optional extras’ section of the booking form.

Tandem bike

Our good friend Peter Howell hires tandems (including e-bike tandems) and if you want a tandem, he is your man. Pegasus Tandems stock a wide range of great imported tandem bicycles for you and your partner. Call Peter on 0427 200 533 or check out his website www.tandembicycles.com.au.

Speak to a past client

We will be happy to give you the names and telephone numbers of people who have participated in the ride or a similar ride to the one which you are considering. Where possible we will provide you with the details of someone within your city or state.
Another good place to look is our ‘Testimonials’ page.

Group info session

Contact us if you would like to find out about booking an info session for your group of friends, or if you would like to find out about a travel talk happening near you in the future. Be inspired, hear from the experts, learn more about a destination and even book your tour on the night.

Changing or cancelling a tour

We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for all our Australian rides at the time of deposit and ensure that it includes coverage for cancellation fees if for some reason you are not able to travel. For our international tours we require all participants to have Travel Insurance to assist you in the event of a medical emergency, lost baggage, personal liability, cancelled tour or any other trip related issues.
Should you wish to change your booking with AllTrails to a different tour, there will be a very reasonable service charge. We try to keep this figure as low as possible to allow flexibility where we can as we want to make sure that you get on the right tour for you. For cancellation and refund policies for your tour click the ‘T&Cs’ tab on the relevant tour page of our website.

Packing tips

We recommend you bring a soft bag or backpack. We advise against bringing a suitcase as they are bulky, difficult to stow on board vehicles or trailers and heavy. You may be required to lift or carry your own luggage from time to time, e.g. into accommodation. We expect your bag to be no heavier than 15kg, making it easy to manage for you and the staff. Any excess luggage may need to be stored or forwarded on to your final destination at your own expense. Information about what to pack is included as part of your Pre-Departure information. Generally we advise that you pack as light as possible.

Airport transport to Southern Cross Station

The Skybus goes from Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport and goes to Southern Cross Station. You can take your bike on the Skybus and it also has free shuttles to CBD hotels.  More info at www.skybus.com.au.

Why book with us?

We only run approximately 10 tours per year. This makes every tour as special to us as it is to you because we are not repeating the same rides over and over again week-in week-out. Every tour is meticulously planned and we are just as excited to be there as you – there is no bulk production-line here! On most occasions the owner-operators of the business will be on tour with you looking after everyone on the ride.  The safety and confidence that comes with that is one of many great reasons to book your cycling holiday with us.
AllTrails is a proud Australian owned company with a great reputation in the bicycle tour industry. We have earned that reputation through hard work and dedication and we sincerely care about every person on every tour. Our large community of loyal AllTrails riders that keep coming back year after year are testament to the high standard of tours that we provide. We consider ourselves the best in the business and we always make sure that our tours represent great value at a fair price.