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European Expedition ‘Cycle The Danube’ – Coming Soon

July 2019

Join us in July 2019 (exact dates TBC) when we follow our chosen route which has been plotted to follow the path of the famous Danube River.

It is a route through the beautiful valleys of the region that wind their way between spectacular mountain ranges and through much-loved European cities. Be enchanted by European countries that bridge the gap between Eastern Europe and Western Europe and get a taste for both. You’ll enjoy Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, Linz, Cesky Krumlov and Prague as you wind your way through Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

And of course you will be doing it all by bicycle, taking in all of the small towns and regional areas – not just the famous cities and ports along the Danube. It’s the best of both worlds.

Our European Expedition in 2018 sold out early so register with us today to get on the early-bird list for all of the details for 2019 when we have them finalised .

Email: or call 03 9802 4465

Contact us today to ask any questions or register your interest for the early bird information.