Brugge to Roubaix

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Day 19. For some today was all about seeing the famous Roubaix velodrome, the scene of so much action in the Paris-Roubaix as well as many Tours de France. We of course crossed our final border into France before arriving in Roubaix which was in itself another milestone for our journey (and a little bit sad as it means the end is nearing). The velodrome is in a very unassuming suburban type area and has certainly seen better days, but that’s not what matters. Everyone did the obligatory lap of honour and much Roubaix merchandise was viewed and purchased. The two people running the store and cafe took great interest in our tour jerseys and insisted on taking a picture of the back. We may end up on someone’s Facebook page somewhere.

We’ve struck some unusually warm weather for this part of the world. The Belgian’s were telling us it was over 15 years since they’d seen weather so warm on consecutive days. It was around 30 degrees when we were in Ghent and Brugge and today was about the same. The next couple of days are shaping up to be warmer still.

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