Cloppenburg to Coevorden

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Day 10. Somehow Richard and I seem to be nearly the last out on the road each morning, mostly because everyone else is so super keen to get going but today it was a pesky tube that held us up. And it must have been the distraction of this that caused us to miss the first arrow out of town (yes that’s the story I’m going with). Thankfully Ronny saw us before we got far and hauled us back. Since we were a way behind everyone, our mini peloton of Richard, David and I put the foot down and quickly knocked off the first 25kms to the first coffee stop.

It was more perfectly flat riding today and average speeds for the day were pretty high. Late in the day we crossed our second border, as marked by Marten, into his home country of the Netherlands. The chalk welcome message on the road suggested we could stop for a coffee or some legal cannabis. The weather is warming up and we all enjoyed a stroll through this pretty town and a couple of quiet beverages out the front of the hotel this afternoon after our 106km ride. The town of Coevorden (whose name means cow crossing) is situated on a canal and has a pretty central plaza with the streets radiating out in a star pattern which was designed as a type of fortification.

Finding a TV to watch the final of the soccer World Cup was a priority for some, which didn’t seem too hard as I think most of the town was watching it. Dinner was another buffet beautifully prepared at our hotel with some home made ice creams to die for.

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