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Day 11. What an absolutely beautiful day to be riding a bike through the beautifully treed towns and villages of the Netherlands.

We set off early this morning (for a change) for a day where we could take it easy as we only had 75kms of flat flat flat riding ahead. The Dutch take their bike paths very seriously and they are outstanding. Beautifully smooth and some of them are wider than a lot of Australian back roads. In case we were in any doubt about where we were, we passed several old windmills early in the day. We were joined for the day by some friends of Mary and Di who live locally and decided to ride the days route with us, stay in Kampen for the night and ride home tomorrow.

We all cruised into the morning coffee spot pretty quickly and because we were in no rush for the day, we could all take our time and really enjoy our coffees. Marten and Miranda even took in a whole 18 holes of the mini golf that was out the front of the cafe. The question was asked, why was there no windmill on the mini golf course, doesn’t mini golf always have a windmill on one hole?

After morning tea there was more riding through the forest until the city of Zwolle which was the suggested lunch spot. This is a very pretty town with a central market space with many restaurants and cafes and some lovely architecture. The day was warming up so many wanted to get to Kampen before it got too warm and so pressed on fairly quickly after lunch. The last 20kms after lunch was mostly along the top of a dike wall which provided some pretty scenery for the afternoon.

Our lodgings tonight are in three lovely boutique hotels, all within about 300m of each other and all with views straight out over the street and canal. There was no group dinner tonight so we were all free to explore the lovely town of Kampen. Tomorrow we ride into Amsterdam for the final day of the first stage of our tour. We’ll be saying goodbye to a few people and welcoming some new additions. What a wonderful day.

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