Copenhagen to Paris Begins!

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After being well briefed last night by our awesome crew of Enrico, Lisa, Ronny, Roberto and Marten and enjoying our first group dinner together, our large and excited troop set off from Copenhagen for the first day of our expedition to Paris. It’s fantastic catching up with so many of our group from last years European expedition and great to have a big friendly group for this year. We hit the road looking resplendent in our special edition tour jerseys and made our way through the streets and many excellent bike paths of Copenhagen. There were a couple of mechanical issues early on and an attempt by Richard M to repair a broken chain using stone tools. It was noted that had he succeeded he would have been a rock star. Yes, the bad jokes are starting early with this lot.

Today’s riding was lovely and a nice easy first day. The weather was beautiful, the Danish towns and countryside were pretty and Ronny’s work with the chalk arrows was spot on. We all arrived safely into the small fishing village of Rodvig (although 3 riders decided to push on a further 40kms following some old chalk arrows which would have eventually seen them finish in Berlin). We’ve finished the night with a fantastic buffet dinner at our hotel and some of the group are enjoying a peaceful evening on their balconies overlooking the water.

Today’s stats: Distance: 79kms

My personal distance: 7240kms with an average speed of 1920km/hr (note to self: when turning on Garmin after a plane trip check it hasn’t been inadvertently switched on during the flight) Elevation gained: not even worth a mention.

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