Ghent to Brugge plus Brugge Rest Day

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Day 17. The streets of Ghent were much quieter this Sunday morning as we headed out than they were yesterday during Belgium’s national day. We had a very cruisy ride of 55kms today. Coffee stops were optional and really only taken so as to not get to Brugge too soon. The Belgian countryside was as pretty as ever and most got into town just after lunch. We had an afternoon tour through the only brewery located in the old town (de Halve Maan). They have recently completed a “beer pipeline” of around 3kms to their new bottling plant out of town.

Looking forward to settling in to two lovely nights relaxing in “the Venice of the north” (although our Italian tour leaders are not so sure about this claim).

Day 18 Brugge rest day. We started the day today (after a bit of a sleep in of course) with a walking tour of Brugge. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable about the history of this fantastic city and the tour was fascinating. Brugge was THE city to be in the Middle Ages and was the centre of Europe between 1200 and 1500. We had the rest of the day to ourselves and there was no shortage of beer, chocolate and shopping to enjoy. There are plenty of shops dedicated to Tintin and Smurf and waffles on every corner. In the evening we were treated to some live bell music from the old town hall right across from our hotel. Nice way to finish the evening.

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