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Day 6. After some long days and yesterday’s rain we were all glad to have a rest day today in Hamburg. Time to get the washing done, dry out the shoes and maybe have a bit of a sleep in. Only not too much of a sleep in because we had a scheduled boat tour of the harbour after breakfast.

It was nice to have a quiet activity that didn’t involve any pedalling and to hear a bit of the history of the harbour from our onboard guide who informed us that he hadn’t had to do a tour in English for about two years and requested that we not kill him after the tour if he got some words wrong. Seemed like a reasonable request. Hamburg harbour takes the biggest container ships on the seas and watching one of these being unloaded was quite interesting. There was plenty to see along the harbour from the Fischmarkt to the luxurious houses of Altona (home reference for those from Melbourne).

Following the harbour tour we had the rest of the day and evening to ourselves to explore Germany’s second biggest city. Finding a laundromat was high on the agenda for most followed by some city sightseeing including St Michael’s, the Church of Saint Nicholas which was bombed in WWII and the Rathaus (town hall). And what visit to Hamburg would be complete without a look at the seedier side on the Reeperbahn and the Grosse Freiheit where there are some clubs that the Beatles played in their earliest days.

An enjoyable couple of days spent in Hamburg, made better by our funky boutique Hotel Henri. Fully rested and relaxed, we are ready to get back on the road tomorrow.

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