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Day 8. It was a good ride day today, nice mild weather, no winds, pretty country, pretty towns with lovely houses and beautifully maintained gardens. It’s a great way to spend 110kms on the bike – the time and distance just flies past you on days like these.

You see a lot of people cycle touring and wonder about their stories so today we had a brief exchange with one young guy as we rode past him:

  • Richard: Where are you going?
  • Guy: To Bremen. From Oslo.
  • Richard: We’re going to Paris
  • Guy: Oh yes I’m going to Paris eventually also.

As we overtook him and flew on by I was very glad we weren’t carrying all our gear in panniers like he was.

After our dinner in a slightly quirky restaurant next door to our hotel, we walked into the old town and touched the hooves of the donkey on the statue of the Town Musicians of Bremen for luck. Certainly feeling lucky as we enjoy our ride through this part of the world.

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