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Being in the business of Bicycle Tours, we get to see first hand the impact that cycling has on people. Following is an article from Hiresquare which makes some very good points.

Health Benefits of Cycling
When you think of cycling, you likely conjure an association to an active, healthy lifestyle. But cycling goes beyond fitness. It also benefits the environment which indirectly. Here are some helpful notes about the health aspects of cycling.

Heart Health
Not only does cycling improve your heart health, but it is also great for weight loss. For someone who weighs 72kg, a 10k bike ride will burn over 200 calories. Consider riding your bike to work instead of taking your car. If you make it a monthly endeavour, you could lose those last stubborn 2.5kg in no time!

Make Every Minute Count
In today’s world, everyone is so busy with work, family and friends, it is hard to take a minute to have to yourself. That is why the little alone time people do get is spent in front of the television, mindlessly snacking on junk foods like cookies and potato chips. To avoid this health pitfall, make every minute of your personal time count by using it to boost your health! Cycling is a great activity to do by yourself because you can ride around your neighbourhood, ride into town to do some errands, or even partner up and cycle with a friend to stay motivated!

Don’t Be Part of the Problem
Air pollution is a toxic problem affecting our environment and our citizens. Studies have shown that almost three quarters of Melbourne, Australia’s urban air pollution is a direct result of automobile emissions. This results in the death of about 3,000 Australians each year. Another data point to reference is this: due to the exposure of air pollution, Australian residents lose 27,519 healthy years of life each and every year. And the problem is only getting worse. Cars are becoming bigger and more monstrous gas guzzlers, polluting us and the air with every kilometre. Smoky vehicles are cars that smoke from its exhaust pipe continuously for more than 10 seconds. Bicycles, on the other hand, emit no toxic chemicals. If more people used bikes for transport than cars, people would achieve healthier lifestyles and our environment would improve.

Overall, cycling is a healthy and beneficial alternative to cars. You can improve your wellness, the environment, and society at large. So get riding!

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