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Day 5. Well as promised we woke up this morning to the sound of rain. Our guide Ronny had been asked at briefing what kind of rain we could expect which he tried to describe via sound effects. What we heard in the morning was pretty much spot on. But what’s a good bike tour without a war story or two so about half the group decided to soldier on the 70km regardless, while the other half took the opportunity for an extra day off and opted for the 40 minute train trip to Hamburg.

It was decided that we would ride the day in groups as it wouldn’t be possible to follow chalk arrows in the rain so we were broken into three groups with a tour leader each for the day. Everyone who rode actually had a great day and no one was sorry they hadn’t taken the train. It was really nice to ride with a small group for the day and aside from several punctures we all arrived soggy but without incident. Apologies to the cafe we stopped at for a mid-ride coffee, not sure they were thrilled to have 25 dripping wet and filthy cyclists descend on them.

We rode through some beautiful countryside which would have been really pretty on a nicer day although was still quite pretty in the wet but were all pretty happy to get to our lovely hotel here in Hamburg and get into a hot shower. Thankfully we have a rest day to get the gear washed and dried before our next ride. Here’s hoping the shoes dry in time.

A big thanks to the crew for expertly handling the logistics of a challenging day and to Ronny, Roberto and Marten for guiding us all on the road.

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