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Phil & Susan Say Goodbye (soon)

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The time has come,
to say fares fare,
we’ve done our time,
we’ve loved our share…

The company’s sold,
to Richard and Jo,
We wish them well,
please give them a go…
(apologies to Midnight Oil)

Yes folks, after 20 years of designing and running bike tours around Australia and overseas, we have now sold AllTrails to Richard and Joanne – keen cyclists with previous experience in service and logistics industries. Richard and Jo will send out an introduction email in the coming days and we look forward to working with them over the coming months and into early 2017 as we teach them as much as possible and handover the reins.
Midge is staying with the business and will still be your point of contact in the office for bookings and enquiries, and you will still see us (Phil and Susan) on many of the up-coming rides and likely many of the AllTrails tour staff/crew who have worked with us in the past.

When we started, entry forms were sent by post – there were no websites or online booking systems. Most people paid by cheque and the cost of our first overnight tour to Marysville was $99 for food, accom and bus transport! Day two of that ride was to Cathedral Mountain where I lost the 25 seater bus key (rental) and at 4pm with no mobile phone coverage and all clients wet and cold, we had to break the door lock, hot-wire the bus to start it and smash the steering lock before eventually driving back through the Black Spur. A tricky start to our tour operator business with a $3000 repair bill from Budget for the hire bus damage. Perhaps we should have ridden our bikes, not a bus, you can go all day, without the fuss. We’ve come a long way since those early days and who knew that AllTrails would grow into such a highly respected cycle tour company – something that we are extremely proud of.

We have really enjoyed our time with the adventurous people we have met, sharing the friendships forged at the hotel bar or the handle bar.

Thanks for your support and all the great times over the years. We hope to catch up with many of you over time….

Phil & Susan
AllTrails Bicycle Tours Founders

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