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Phil & Susan’s mobile coverage is very intermittent to say the least, however over the weekend we got a few pics and a short note through as per below. He’s also made the local papers:

Weekly Review link.

Leader Article link.

End of Day 5:

Day 5 end










Snack time on the Mawson Trail:

on Mawson Track










Phil the Tree-Hugger nearing the end of Day 6:

Tree hugger near end Day 6










Wildlife near Wilpena Pound:











End of Day 7:

Day 7 end










We have only seen 2 cyclists on the trail or roads the whole trip and one was Paul who we met on an AllTrails ride a few years ago [see previous news item] . It is very quiet here. Still enjoying it. Half way through with day 7 finished. Phil’s has a blister that is very sore but he is walking and running now. Having lots of drinks, water, Gatorade, Hydralyte and magnesium drink and herb teas. Lots of emu, sheep, kites, cockatoos. Also seen a few kangaroos, lizards, cows and I have seen 1 snake.

Thanks for all the support – Phil & Susan


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