Phil’s Training Update – just days to go

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Last weekend’s Father’s Day was very special for me as I had a date with my three children, Jacinta, Suzie & Steve as we are all doing the Melbourne Marathon together in October.

I ran 30km from Port Melbourne to Doncaster return, Jacinta & Suzie ran 15km from Vermont and Steve drove with his two children, as his wife was in hospital with their newborn 3rd child. Suzie’s partner and 3 children also joined us for breakfast.

The weekend just passed was not so enjoyable unfortunately as my 36km run has left me with an Achilles injury. I ran down the bay but at Brighton I felt my ankle getting painful – I kept running hoping that it would get better. At Black Rock (18km) I checked my ankle and could find no swelling so I turned around for the return leg home. I got to Elwood where I could not run any further. I walked 8km home, then finding out that it is actually my Achilles that is painful.

There are only three days to go before we leave so I am limping around at home, trying to nurse my heel back to walking properly again, expecting to start the big run on Sunday.

Will be very anxious for a quick recovery.

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