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Phil’s notes from the road:

Susan and I arrived in Rome picked up new Peugeot 308 and drove through the city to our beautiful hotel. It’s very busy and challenging driving here in Rome. There are no defined lanes so it’s just a matter of finding your own space, surrounded by motorbikes, cars and busses all pushing forward, beeping, honking and making their way as best they can. Quite the contrast to some of our outback tours where we can go for miles without even seeing a car sometimes!

I went for 12km jog to St. Peters Basilica along the Tiber River with one of our cyclists John Davis on the morning of July 4th before the tour departed Rome. Cyclists left Rome under perfect warm conditions, constantly reminding themselves to ride on the right-hand-side of the road. Beautiful scenery, lovely people, excellent local food, great hotels and top tour guides – the tour is off to a great start.

Susan & I drove our car with the group for the first few days through the beautiful & famous Tuscany region then left the cyclists to do a recce for future rides in the area. I went for a 15km run on 7 July around the historic high-walled medieval village at Viterbo. It’s good to be getting in a few km’s in preparation for my fundraising multi-marathon in September. When we are on tour we are usually very busy looking after the cyclists so I don’t get much chance to train, but over here our local guides are working hard looking after our people so it gives me a bit more time up my sleeve to run around and check out many great places on my runs.

Yesterday we drove 400km to the Marenello Ferrari Museum in northern Italy and we are researching cycling routes in the area while our cyclists are enjoying a rest day in Lucca, Italy.

Looking forward to meeting up with the cyclists again in Turin in a few days time before heading over the French Alps and seeing some of the Tour de France action.

Keep those donations coming in for Kate – we appreciate them all.


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