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European Expedition ‘Cycle The Danube’ 2019

Belgrade to Vienna to Prague

Monday 01 July, 2019 to Sunday 28 July, 2019

Join AllTrails in 2019 on our legendary, annual European expedition – The Danube River European Cycle Tour!

1-14 Jul Belgrade to Vienna (13 nts), Eastern Europe
15-28 Jul Vienna to Prague (13 nts), Western Europe

Do one stage, or do them both

Male twin share place available

The tour at a glance
Dates: 1-14 Jul Belgrade to Vienna (13 nts)
15-28 Jul Vienna to Prague (13 nts)
Duration: 27 nights (full tour including additional rest day)
22 cycling days
Distance: 1850 km approx
Ave. Daily: 85 km approx
Bike Type: Road Bike or hybrid (BYO or hire)
E-bikes?: 2 max on tour (BYO or hire)
Terrain: Bitumen roads
Group Size: Approx 15-25
Difficulty Rating: 7/10 (mostly flat, a few days 100km+)
Accom.: 3 to 4 star hotels (where avail)
Meals: 27 breakfasts, 20 dinners
Price: See ‘Pricing’ tab
Deposit: $800
Why Choose AllTrails for Your European Cycling Trip?
Experts: No short-cuts! Famous for extensive experience, preparation and organisation
Service: Owners on tour with you, along with outstanding local guides
Quality: From great accom & meals to our local guides’ knowledge and advice
Support: Australian-based office – easy to contact for any questions
Camaraderie: AllTrails cyclists are fun, positive and supportive – and waiting for you to join the community


  • Experience historical Eastern Europe
  • Legendary Western European cities
  • Choose Eastern Europe tour or Western only – or do both
  • Rest day in Budapest with guided city tour
  • Dinner cruise on the Danube
  • Day cruise the beautiful ‘The Danube Bend’
  • NEW: 3 nights in Vienna with guided city tour
  • Winery visit in Wachau
  • Regensburg rest day – Germany’s ‘medieval miracle’
  • Budvar Brewery tour
  • UNESCO listed Cesky Krumlov guided walk
  • “Bubbly” toast and farewell dinner in Prague
Our route this year follows the beautiful Danube River and thus has very few big hills, but plenty of undulations to keep the cycling interesting and provide some good ‘effort-and-reward’ uphills and downhills. It is a route through beautiful valleys that squeeze their way between spectacular mountain ranges and through much-loved European cities and a number of lesser-known gems.

Be enchanted by European countries that bridge the gap between Eastern Europe and Western Europe and get a taste for both. The first stage of the tour allows you discover hidden gems, small towns and unexpected highlights in places like Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia as you cycle the historic route from Belgrade to Budapest to Vienna – the stories that you will be told of the people and places here will blow you away.

On the second stage of the ride you’ll encounter famous names such as Vienna, Linz, Wachau, Regensburg, Cesky Krumlov and Prague, but you may come away with even fonder memories of the villages in-between, the rural settings, the small cafe that you stop at for lunch overlooking a vineyard or a picnic by a mountain stream. It’s the best of both worlds.

Each stage is 13 nights and each tour is a standalone ride in itself so if you prefer the feeling of continual exploration, then the Eastern Europe ride may suit you best. If you want to see and experience some of the famous names of Europe, then the Western Europe half may be better for you. Or do them both.

The places we ride through not only shine with natural beauty, but all of them have a fascinating history that is just waiting to be discovered. And of course, you will be doing it all by bicycle, allowing you to take in even more of the local flavour and really get a feel for the people, cultures, regions and ports along the Danube. We will have a dinner cruise on the danube in Budapest as well as one optional day of cycling or cruising the scenic and historic Danube Bend part of the river. We are also excited about our new concept of two rest days at our halfway point of Vienna – a real treat.

The tour includes all accommodation and breakfasts, most dinners, a handful of really good city tours or local visits (eg, Wachau Winery, Budvar Brewery), your cycling jersey, excellent local guides, support vehicle, maps and route assistance, daily luggage transfers, bike mechanic assistance and plenty of fun!

The annual AllTrails European Expedition is different to our Australian rides in a number of ways – click here for more about ‘What to Expect’ about Expedition touring. We aim to explore interesting routes through Europe with great highlights and famous locations, yet what our cyclists often remember most is a picturesque village view, or an afternoon spent with tour friends reliving the ride over an aperitif, or a section of breathtaking cycling through the countryside, or the hospitality of our fantastic local tour leaders and the local communities. We try to make your trip on the annual AllTrails expedition the best European cycle touring you could ever do.

Based on an average speed of 20-25kph on flat terrain, we expect a normal day’s cycling to finish between 1-4pm where you will then have the afternoon and long summer evenings to explore the village or relax at the hotel. Take some time to yourself or go exploring with one of your fellow cyclists in the group, which is generally made up of around 90% Australians and 10% other nationalities. The evening meal is usually included, leaving a few evenings free for your choice of meal and restaurants. The memories and friendships forged on a trip like this will last forever.

Call us today to book or ask any questions. 03 9802 4465 – we look forward to having a chat.

A few years ago our Rome to Paris ride featured in New York’s Mens Journal as one of the 3 top global epic long distance cycle tours

Cycling Danube

A tour immersed in the lifestyles and cultures that flourish along the famous Danube River.

Meal and accom inclusions noted as B, L, D, A (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Accom)

Belgrade, Serbia (pre-tour) -- NA -- Mon 1 Jul 2019 -- - - D A

Day 1. Welcome to Belgrade. An optional airport pickup can be arranged for your arrival into this busy, exuberant and lively city. The old and new is evident here in many forms from the ancient architecture of Ottoman relics to the socialist blocks of the chaotic recent past, to art nouveau masterpieces and new-world nightlife that are all squeezed together in a hectic harmony. While Belgrade is known for its nightlife, with floating clubs on the river and a Bohemian entertainment district where live music is heard until dawn, it also is home to many great museums and archaeological sites. Our hotel is an oasis from the action where you can settle in and relax in preparation for our wonderful journey ahead or use as a base to explore the activity past the front door. This afternoon we will gather at the hotel for a bike-fitting session, welcome briefing and group dinner – a great opportunity to meet your fellow cyclists and tour leaders, pick up a few tips and advice on the local culture, and get prepared for your first day on the bike tomorrow.

Belgrade to Novi Sad -- 97km -- Tue 2 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 2. Leaving Belgrade you will feel yourself settling into your rhythm as your first day on the bike unfolds. Moving from the busy streets and suburbs of the capital city into the rural atmosphere of the towns and villages that hug the banks of the Danube, the scenery changes and adds colour to your day as your eyes try to take in all the new sights and intriguing contrasts of Serbian life. Our destination of Novi Sad is a laid-back town with nice parks and outdoor cafes and a vibe that’s generally more liberal than that of other Serbian cities. If you have time this afternoon, head down to the ‘Strand’ (meaning beach), said to be the most beautiful sand beach on the Danube. There is a small charge for entry during the summer.

Novi Sad to Vukovar, Croatia -- 83km -- Wed 3 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 3. Today we travel on the south side of the river and it’s about the half-way point where we cross over into Croatia at Ilok. The fortress overlooking the Danube is an architectural melange that reflects the mix of cultures that reigned here: a prince and royal court, a church belfry rising high, a church and monastery with a tower, scattered Islamic buildings of the mausoleum and hamam, and a deeply buried Italian old wine cellar. Our overnight town tonight of Vukovar has a long cultural history, however it is most recently noted for its fate during the war in the early 1990’s in the former Yugoslavia and often called “The Hero Town”. It is the only town in Europe since WWII that has been completely devastated. The Siege of Vukovar is famous as 2000 self-organized Croatian civilians defended the town for 3 months against 40,000 heavily armed Serbian soldiers and 110 tanks, ending in a hollow and costly Serbian victory. Since the return of Vukovar to Croatia in 1998, there has been much progress in repairing the damage including 2 great museums but there are still plenty of remnants that lie as a testament to the destruction.

Vukovar to Osijek -- 44km -- Thu 4 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 4. It’s a shorter ride today following a Danube off-shoot, the Drava River, about 20km west to the leafy University town of Osijek. The Drava river spring is in Italy in the Dolomite Mountains, and it is the only water from Italy that doesn’t flow into the Mediterranean Sea. Like Vukovar, Osijek has a long history dating back centuries and also suffered hugely during the war of the 1990’s. It has been able to bounce back in dramatic style though with most of its grand buildings restored and a happening buzz around the streets of this regional capital. It is certainly an interesting place and you’ll enjoy your long afternoon here exploring its story.

Osijek to Mohacs, Hungary -- 84km -- Fri 5 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 5. Even though we sit on a river here in Osijek, it is not our usual companion, the Danube. Yesterday we followed an off-shoot, the Drava River, about 20km west and today we turn north to cut back towards the Danube, through quiet country back-roads over the pasturelands of rural Croatia. During the last part of the day we will pass over the border into Hungary where we overnight in the sleepy port town of Mohacs. Another town with a rich history but also known for being the gateway to the nearby Mohács-Bóly White Wine Route, so keep an eye out for an opportunity to sample some of the great whites of the region along with accompanying local culinary delights.

Mohacs to Kalocsa -- 92km -- Sat 6 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 6. In Hungary you are rewarded with pristine, simple villages that will make you feel as though you have travelled back in time. We will pass through a number of them today as well as some beautiful countryside, in particular as we veer away from the river for a short time, climbing into the hills and around Lake Halasto before coming down again to the flatlands and crossing the Danube to reach Kaolocsa.

Kalocsa to Rackeve -- 91km -- Sun 7 Jul 2019 -- B - - A

Day 7. We are nearly at Budapest and you’ll notice the towns and villages becoming more frequent as the day goes on. Today we are on the east side of the river and just before Rackeve the river splits into two and won’t meet again for around 60km near the centre of Budapest. We are following the smaller of the two arms, Rackevei Soroksari-Duna, which are the banks upon which our overnight town tonight sits.

Rackeve to Budapest -- 53km -- Mon 8 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 8. It’s not too far to the capital city today and its urban sprawl will greet us early in the ride. The new urban terrain offers many interesting insights into life here in Budapest and we wind our way through streets, parks and bike path into town. Our hotel, situated in Pest (the eastern side of the city) is only five minutes walking away from the Parlament, an architectural masterpiece. Just cross the Chain Bridge and you’ll be at the foothills of Buda, the most historical part of town, well known for its castle, one of the must-see destinations in the city.

Budapest REST DAY -- NA -- Tue 9 Jul 2019 -- B - - A

Day 9. Budapest is paradise for the curious traveller with interesting people, buildings, culture and vibrance waiting around every corner and you will enjoy it all the more after a guided walking tour (included) gives you some insight into it all. The city has a youthful vibe to it, with colourful nightlife and a busy social landscape, mixing effortlessly with the world-class classical music scene, museums, history, architecture and famous natural thermal baths. Budapest is one of Europe’s most delightful and enjoyable cities and a wonderful place to spend a day off the bike recharging the batteries and exploring new things.

Budapest to Esztergom (incl boat cruise) -- 49/23km -- Wed 10 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 10. Today you have the option of cycling the whole day or enjoying a cycling/boat combo. We will all ride the first 20km out of Budapest and board a scenic passenger ferry along this pretty and historic part of the river – the famous ‘Danube Bend’ (Dunakanyar). Some folks can jump back on the bike after this beautiful stretch of the river, or some may decide to stay on until Esztergom (small cost supplement for the full cruise). The boat has indoor and outdoor seating options, a bar and air-conditioning. Those back on the bike will wind their way between the hills and along the valleys carved out by the flow of the Danube. The route will cross the river a couple of times today before meeting the river cruisers in Esztergom which was the capital of Hungary from the 11th to the mid-13th century, occupied by the Ottoman Turks for 150 years, and enjoyed a rebirth of baroque architecture after 1700. Esztergom on the west bank is among the oldest settlements in Hungary and attracts many tourists for its history and scenic location on the Danube. This afternoon we will enjoy a visit to the castle with some Hungarian History and Palinka tasting!

Esztergom to Gyor -- 97km -- Thu 11 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 11. It’s a beautiful landscape that leads you out of Esztergom as you ride just south of the Danube through the Transdanubian hills, sometimes referred to as the Hungarian Tuscany, where Hungary’s finest riding horses are bred. It’s a beautiful ride that you won’t want to end when you hit the industrial outskirts of Gyor. A border town early in its history under the Romans, Gyor was an imperial city under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was directly in the path of barbarian invasions through the centuries, and much of the present-day city was built by Italian architects after the retreat of the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century.

Gyor to Bratislava, Slovakia -- 80km -- Fri 12 Jul 2019 -- B - - A

Day 12. Today we cross from Hungary to Slovakia. Czechoslovakia was formed from parts of the historic Austro-Hungarian empire in 1918 and came under Soviet domination in 1948. It wasn’t until 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, that the country was freed from Soviet control. Bratislava became capital of Slovakia when it separated from the Czech Republic during the “velvet divorce” in 1993. Tourists are catered for well here, attracted by the cosiness of the comparatively small city that still possesses the historic charms of the past and modern amenities of today. The admirable arts of the Slovak cooks and brewers, friendly people, various cultural and sport events, plus the fact that the area forms the most economically prosperous region in Central and Eastern Europe, give this city an increasing presence on the European landscape.

Bratislava to Vienna, Austria -- 75km -- Sat 13 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 13. Today you will ride the popular cycle route between Bratislava and Vienna, through the former “Iron Curtain”, which would have been prohibited just a few decades ago. Vienna is the largest city in Austria and one of Europe’s leading musical centres. It was first a Roman and Celtic settlement, but as the Austro-Hungarian Empire rose to prominence, magnificent Medieval and Baroque architecture became prevalent. We have a group dinner tonight to welcome you to Vienna before your 2 rest days here.

Vienna REST DAY 1 -- NA -- Sun 14 Jul 2019 -- B - - A

Day 14. We have decided this year to have two rest days at our mid-point stop. This is to give cyclists time to do some washing, catch up on emails and things from home, rest, recuperate and recharge, still allowing plenty of time to look around the city and enjoy the sights. It is also the end of Stage One and the start of Stage Two so we may have a few people coming and going today and tomorrow as they end or begin their tour with us. Today we have lined up a guided walk to help you get your bearings and gain insight into this beautiful city.

Vienna REST DAY 2 -- NA -- Mon 15 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 15. Enjoy another day in Vienna, taking in the Baroque streetscapes, magnificent imperial palaces and coffeehouse cultures. If you can, take in a concert or show at a local church, concert hall or theatre. Music, theatre and performance are at the centre of this city and you’ll feel it exuding from its beating heart as you are enveloped by one of the great imperial cities of Europe.

Vienna to Durnstein -- 95km -- Tue 16 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 16. We start today by navigating ourselves out of Vienna via a complex system of bike paths leading from the hotel to the river to the outskirts of the city. Much of the day is spent cruising next to the Danube, broken up regularly by towns and villages, with a few bridges back and forth over the river as we ride both north-side and south-side over the course of the route. Durnstein itself is a picture-perfect town that will charm the cycling-knicks off you. This afternoon we will have a wine tasting to sample some of the famous local drops before dinner together to celebrate the start of stage two of the tour.

Durnstein to Bad Kreuzen -- 90km -- Wed 17 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 17. Durstein is photographed often in promotion of the Wachau region, famous for its wineries and beautiful scenery and it is that region that we push into today. It’s the heartland of Austrian wine country and it is stunning, so stop, photograph, and lap it all up. You’ll have time to visit the spectacular baroque Abbey of Melk as you enjoy a beautiful ride that leads you through the medieval villages of the Wachau (UNESCO World Heritage site). At the end of the day we land in the modern lodge castel Kreuzen with a beautiful view and Kneipp spa.

Bad Kreuzen to Linz -- 67km -- Thu 18 Jul 2019 -- B - - A

Day 18. At the end of yesterday’s ride we left the river valley and climbed up and away from the Danube, giving a short and sharp hill to take on to complete the day’s route. What goes up must come down as they say, and this morning you get to enjoy the downhill run and a few more undulations as we head back to the river. The Danube River and the valley it has formed shape the central transportation artery of Austria. Today and tomorrow you’ll ride through the heartland of Austria where castles perch above the river along this, one of the most popular routes in Europe. Those who wish can take time to visit the Mauthausen Concentration Camp where over 130,000 people were killed. The experience is powerful and sobering as you walk up and down the 186 “death stairs”. When you reach Linz you’ll find a cutting-edge cyber city of technology, modern art, galleries and public art installations – history and the modern day collide.

Linz to Passau, Germany -- 100km -- Fri 19 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 19. Leaving Linz we travel on the northern side of the river for a short time before crossing to the south until about the mid-way point. Here we cross again to the north which puts us on the ‘border’ side of the river, meaning that we will pass into Germany for the last 25km of the ride into Passau, while it will be Austria over on the other side. In Passau the Danube nearly doubles in size, as it is joined by the Inn River from the south. Take time this afternoon to visit Passau’s Saint Stephan’s Cathedral which houses the largest organ outside of the United States.

Passau to Regensburg -- 137km -- Sat 20 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 20. Today’s journey takes us through Roman settlements and into the Bavarian countryside lifestyle. In most of the cities you can still recognize the old Roman planning of the streets. We’ll cycle along the Danube all the way to Deggendorf where you can rest a little in the Old Town main square before continuing on to Regensburg. This is the longest day of the entire tour, but a rest day is close.

Regensburg REST DAY -- NA -- Sun 21 Jul 2019 -- B - - A

Day 21. Regensburg was the first capital of Bavaria and shows off some of the finest architectural heritage and UNESCO-worthy sites. A Roman outpost under Marcus Aurelius in 179 AD, the town marks both the northernmost point of the Roman Empire in Germany and the northernmost extent of the Danube. Its Medieval centre is wonderfully preserved. Despite the impressive historic importance of the town, its essence is a laid-back student town with lovely old streets and a pleasant unpretentiousness.

Regensburg to Furth im Wald -- 87km -- Mon 22 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 22. It’s here that we must say our final farewells to our constant companion over the last few weeks as we pull away for one last time from the banks of the Danube River. Leaving the river means hitting the hills and we enjoy some wonderful cycling through the Bavarian country-side with some nice ups and downs to get the heart rate up, but nothing too mountainous. Furth im Wald is a small town famously mostly for its Dragon-Slaying Festival in August each year which we will miss by just a few weeks. Some may be disappointed about that…some may not.

Furth im Wald to Strakonice, Czech Republic -- 103km -- Tue 23 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 23. Today is a great day’s ride through forest sections and rolling farmlands as we pass from Germany into the Czech Republic. Even though we have left Germany’s famous Bavaria region, famous for its beer and lederhosen, don’t think that the beer tasting is over as The Czech’s can brew with the best of them. Our overnight stop at Strakonice is well known for the DUDAK Brewery located nearby the castle. The Strakonice Burghers’ Brewery is the last brewery in the Czech Republic to still be owned by a town.

Strakonice to Cesky Budejovice -- 65km -- Wed 24 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 24. Continuing through the patchwork of farms and paddocks with contrasting shades of green on either side of the road and off into the distance you’ll really begin to love the cycling here, winding your way on the back-roads through stunning countryside on the way to Cesky Budejovice, the capital city of the South Bohemia region. Here you get a real taste of the Czech Republic without the crowds of Prague, and also Cesky Krumlov where we visit tomorrow. And speaking of taste, after a reasonably short day on the bike we will arrive at our destination early enough to take a tour of the original Budweiser Budvar Brewery from which the Anheuser-Busch American Budweiser beer was brewed to imitate.

Cesky Budejovice loop ride to Cesky Krumlov -- 58km -- Thu 25 Jul 2019 -- B - - A

Day 25. Today we will cycle south, partially on a picturesque bike path, for a day trip to Cesky Krumlov, one of the Czech Republic’s most beautiful cities situated in a meander of the longest river in the Czech Republic, the Vltava River. A guided city walk (included) will explore it all including the old town which is a UNESCO World Heritage site with the stunning Cesky castle overlooking the river. Originally built in the 1200’s, by the main branch of the Bohemian noble Rosenberg family, a hugely influential family Czech medieval history from the 13th century until 1611, the castle and the town itself is a tourist mecca for good reason. There will be plenty of lively cafes and riverside picnic spots for lunch before heading back through the surrounding woods and fields away from the crowds and back to our accommodation in Cesky Budejovice.

Cesky Budejovice to Tabor -- 69km -- Fri 26 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 26. We will follow the bike path along the Vltava River out of Ceske Budejovoive today and then pedal through lush green forests and small villages on our way to Tabor, which earned its notoriety as home to the most radical wing of the Hussite movement in the 15th century. Perched on a steep hillside surrounded by dense forest, the streets are beautiful and vibrant. Visit Hluboka Castle, take a stroll through the stunning main square and climb the Tower at the church in Zizka Square for a breathtaking birds eye view of town. Pay a visit to the Town Hall where you can access underground tunnels once used to connect all the cellars of the Old Town Buildings.

Tabor to Prague -- 102km -- Sat 27 Jul 2019 -- B - D A

Day 27. From Tabor the peaceful pastureland you will enjoy for most of the day gives no indication of the noise and activity that will greet you at the end of the day. For now you can breathe in the fresh air and follow the relaxed Vltava River’s twists and turns north towards the beating heart of the country. Indeed, the river takes us right into the city of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and the final destination for the tour. Sometimes called ‘the City of a Hundred Spires’, Prague is most known for its Old Town Square in the heart of its historic centre and the continuously photographed Charles Bridge. Take a stroll around the city and enjoy its colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives an animated show hourly. Tonight we will join together for our final dinner together to celebrate a wonderful journey and many special memories.

Prague departure day -- NA -- Sun 28 Jul 2019 -- B - - -

Day 28. Today the tour officially disbands after breakfast. Needless to say, we encourage you to stick around for a day or two to explore Prague. They say that it is the equal of Paris in terms of beauty, its history goes back a millennium…and the beer – the best in Europe. Even the crowds won’t take away the majestic atmosphere of the 14th-century stone bridge, hilltop castle, stunning architecture, and the lazy Vltava River running through it all. In fact you only need to explore a few streets away from the Old Town Square to find remarkable chapels, gardens, cafes and a rich art history away from the crowds, so do some exploring if you have time – see what you can uncover.



  • Great accommodation including:
    • 1 night pre tour (Belgrade)
    • 3 nights mid tour (Vienna)
    • 1 night post tour (Prague)
  • 27 breakfasts (full tour)
  • 20 evening meals (full tour)
  • Winery visit in Wachau region
  • Dinner Cruise on the Danube
  • Budvar Brewery tour
  • Walking tour (Vienna)
  • Walking tour (Budapest)
  • Walking tour (Cesky Krumlov)
  • Cruise through ‘the Danube Bend’ by boat
  • Europe 2019 cycling jersey
  • Tips & gratuities for Tour Leaders included
  • Experienced, professional, bilingual local guides
  • Support vehicles, maps and directions
  • Daily luggage transfer
  • Bike mechanical assistance

Payment Schedule:

  • Deposit on booking ($800)
  • Progress Payment 30 days after deposit (40% of package cost less deposit paid)
  • Balance 1 April 2019 (three months before the tours begin)

Belgrade to Prague (full tour 27 nts) AUD
22 Apr
22 Apr
Twin share pp AUD $12,740 $12,940
Single room AUD $14,920 $15,020
Belgrade to Vienna* (first half 13 nts) AUD
Twin share pp AUD $6350 $6450
Single room AUD $7250 $7350
Vienna to Prague* (second half 13 nts) AUD
Twin share pp AUD $6890 $6990
Single room AUD $7790 $7890

Travelling on your own? If you wish to share, you can go on our Twin Share Request List. There is a good chance that we will be able to partner you up with somebody else of the same gender. If not, the single supp price will apply which will give you your own room – contact us to have a chat and check twin share availability. MALE TWIN SHARE PLACE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.


Bike hire (recommended): Single stage $380; Both stages $630 More hire bike info here. E-bikes also available (2 max on tour – first in, first confirmed).

Pre and post tour accom: Please see link here for details of our start and finish hotels. For any extra nights that cyclists require, please use these contact details to book with the hotel direct.

Freight and storage: For those bringing own bike in hard shelled or large bike boxes/bags there will be some costs for freighting and storage. Approx EUR100-250. Final price will be assessed closer to tour date. To be paid direct on tour.

AllTrails cycling jersey. A special European 2019 custom jersey is included in the tour price. You can also buy a traditional AllTrails jersey for $65

AllTrails cycling cap. Light blue “Stripes” design. $20

AllTrails water bottle. Classic AllTrails orange colour, BPA free, made in Australia. $10

AllTrails draw-string day-bag. Ideal for keeping your things together in the tour vehicle. $5

AllTrails t-shirts – good quality tees:

  • Older stock, limited sizes. $20
  • New style tee. $30
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Buying a new bike – what to consider

If you are purchasing a new bike for this ride or wanting to make some upgrades here a few points to consider:

Bike set up: Unless you are accustomed to riding long distances or are very flexible set your bike up for comfort rather than optimum aerodynamics. A more comfortable upright position is most easily achieved by raising the handle bar and moving the seat forward.

Wheels: Do not go too light. High-end road bikes often allow you to choose different wheel sets or if you are considering upgrading, the lightest wheels might be the fastest, but they are not always the strongest. The heavier you are the more important this is. Cheaper wheels are heavier and generally have more spokes, but are also quite robust and easy to repair, so if this is your price bracket then there is not too much to worry about. If you looking at getting some fast wheels and you are over 90kg ask your bike shop for advice and even do some research online or within your bike community.

Tyres: Durability is the most important feature for long distance rides. When choosing your tyres look for features like anti-puncture and Kevlar lining. A harder rubber also allows you to get more kilometres out of each tyre. A popular choice amongst our cyclists are the Continental Ultra Gatorskins in either the 25mm, 28mm or 32mm width. Generally the wider the tyre the more comfortable, but check how wide a tyre your rims, forks and frame can accommodate before purchasing.

Gearing: As a rule; the more gears you have the easier it is to climb hills. The standard configuration of gears found on road bikes does not suit everyone. If you find yourself running out of gears while climbing, needing to get out of the saddle to get over a hill or ride with a high cadence it might be worth considering one or both of these options. Replace the cassette with a larger one (more teeth) and/or get a compact crank. A compact crack tries to do what the triple chain ring crank does in just two chain rings. If you already have a triple, this is not for you. The compact crank slightly reduces your big chain ring size and significantly reduces your small chain ring size making it much easier to climb hills and spin your legs faster rather than harder.

Travel insurance for international rides

Yes, yes, yes. Make sure that you are covered for every country that you are travelling to and ensure that you are covered from and including the day you leave and arrive back home. Due to the nature of our rides we are sometimes in remote areas during the course of a ride – ensure that you have medical insurance that would cover the cost of a helicopter ambulance to transport you to the nearest hospital. We recommend getting your travel insurance in place immediately after you book your ride so that you are covered for unforeseen events which may lead to you having to cancel your trip.


Visa for Europe?

We will send you a Pre Departure Info document upon booking with more details on all aspects of your travel including visas – let us know if you would like us to send you the document now. In general, if you are on an ordinary Australian passport with no special circumstances (eg. criminal convictions) no visa is required when travelling for holiday purposes for a length of time under 90 days to the countries that we will visit in 2019. Two of the seven countries have no visa requirement for tourism purposes under 90 days and the other five countries are in the European Schengen Area. This means that entry to one country gives you entry to them all. Be aware that the 90 day limit runs concurrently across the whole of the Schengen zone and the countdown begins when entering any of the signatory countries. It does not reset when travelling into another country covered by the Schengen agreement. This is important if you are considering staying in Europe before or after the ride for more than 90 days total. A visa is a form of permission for a non-citizen to enter, transit or remain in a particular country. We do not issue visas for overseas travel and cannot provide definitive information on visas. Only the representatives of the countries you plan to visit can provide up-to-date information about their visa requirements. For all countries, contact your nearest embassy or consulate of the country you intend to visit well in advance of travel. For Australian passport holders, additional advice can be found on the Smartraveller website

Bike Hire in Europe

Yes, you can hire a bike and we encourage you to do so. Hiring a bike will help you avoid hassles that arise on occasion with travelling on airlines with bicycles and also leave you free to enjoy pre and post tour travel without a bicycle as luggage. For those bringing their own bike, note that we may need to transfer bike bags and hard case bike boxes to the end of your ride at your own expense – contact us for more info. Our local operators have a great range of light weight titanium Van Nicholas hire bikes, which are high quality road bikes with drop down or flat handlebars. It’s your choice to add a small rack on the back for camera, jacket and any other personal items. You can also bring your own seat to give you that little bit of ‘home comfort’ and/or pedals if you wish. Click here for more info on hire bikes.

Safe cycling in Europe?

European motorists have a great reputation for being cyclist-considerate. We at AllTrails have a great safety record however cyclists have to play their part in keeping well over to the side of the road where possible. You will also be briefed before each day’s ride pointing out parts of the road that may get narrow or have any known hazards.

Meals and food in Europe

Always a big part of any cycling holiday! Our emphasis is on fresh local food and a balanced diet with plenty of carbohydrates, proteins, fruit and veggies catering for a cycling holiday. We always try to include as many local specialties, delicacies and flavours as possible. Our local team can cater to most dietary requirements, however please be aware that this can sometimes be a little more challenging in Europe and you may need to exercise some patience in this area – feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss further. We provide daily quality breakfasts and most dinners. You will generally purchase your own lunches and some evening meals however there are plenty of great bakeries and cafes along the way for you to pick up lunches and snacks as you wish (our team will give you recommendations).

Accommodation in Europe

Most hotels have been inspected and used on previous tours by our local guides, however on these expedition trips there may be some (very few) that have not been inspected other than online investigations. Hotels are generally of a good 3-4 star standard however can be of varying quality depending on the location and what’s available in the region. While creature comforts such as air-conditioning are sought, and most often found, we cannot guarantee this on every night of the tour. All rooms have ensuite facilities. In the smaller villages or more rural areas we often get lovely and interesting accommodation full of character and personality. We choose accommodation that is bicycle friendly, with good restaurants and near to town centres.

Weather on the Danube

Average high temperatures along our route range between 23-29 degrees celsius. Previous years experience in Europe over this same period suggests that some days will be very hot and you may get the odd day of rain, however most days should be beautiful weather in the mid 20’s. Of course, we can’t control the weather however this adds to the adventure and excitement of your travel experience! For more specific weather and climate information visit

Packing for Europe

Limit your luggage to two medium-sized pieces. The best combination is a medium-sized suitcase on wheels and a small or medium carry-on bag, such as a backpack or a small duffel bag. Your baggage should be clearly labelled and kept to a reasonable minimum. Luggage limits on airlines are strictly enforced and space on vehicles is limited. Most economy class flights booked through Travel Agents (domestic and international) have a luggage limit of 20 kilograms per person and usually this can include your bike if you are not renting one in Europe. You will be required to carry your own luggage at times so you should be capable of carrying your own bags up and down stairs. A good guide is to try to keep it under 15kg. If you are doing lots of shopping during your travels, it may be necessary for you to forward any excess to the city where your journey concludes, or ship purchases directly home.

Why book with us?

We only run approximately 10 tours per year. This makes every tour as special to us as it is to you because we are not repeating the same rides over and over again week-in week-out. Every tour is meticulously planned and we are just as excited to be there as you – there is no bulk production-line here! On most occasions the owner-operators of the business will be on tour with you looking after everyone on the ride.  The safety and confidence that comes with that is one of many great reasons to book your cycling holiday with us.
AllTrails is a proud Australian owned company with a great reputation in the bicycle tour industry. We have earned that reputation through hard work and dedication and we sincerely care about every person on every tour. Our large community of loyal AllTrails riders that keep coming back year after year are testament to the high standard of tours that we provide. We consider ourselves the best in the business and we always make sure that our tours represent great value at a fair price.


I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this event (see instructions below) and wish to enter this ALLTRAILS BICYCLE TOURS Pty Ltd event at my own risk. I understand that participation in this ride involves riding on public roads used by other traffic, and in doing this, I am aware of the potential dangers, both on and off public roads. In my judgement, I am capable and competent to participate safely in this ride. I hereby release, exempt and indemnify AllTrails and any of its contractors, local guides, officers, directors, employees, agents, staff, sponsors, volunteers and all other persons involved in the organisation of this event, from all actions, costs, demands, proceedings, and claims whatsoever made or taken by any person, arising out of my participation in the ride.

I accept that I am to wear a helmet, abide by road laws, and understand the organisers have no responsibility for my property damaged or stolen. I agree to take responsibility, and make appropriate payment if necessary, for any damage to others property that I cause including motel rooms, motel property, AllTrails property or other cyclist’s property.

I agree to carefully consider my insurance options and take note of AllTrails’ policy strongly recommending Cyclist Insurance and Travel Insurance to all cyclists on Australian tours, and the compulsory Travel Insurance policy for international tours.

AllTrails reserves the right to change the advertised ride and itinerary due to road works, bad weather, unsafe conditions, or any unforeseen circumstances. I declare I am 18 years of age or older or am the legal guardian of persons under 18 years old in my care. I consent to publication, for promotional purposes, of any photos or video footage taken of myself or others in my group, while taking part in this event without recourse or compensation to me.

I consent to AllTrails processing personal information about me and other members of my party. AllTrails may hold my name, address and other details supplied on their database. This information will be used to make my tour arrangements and to send me information about AllTrails and its tours. In order to make my tour arrangements AllTrails may need to pass on my details to companies and individuals inside and/or outside Australia, where less stringent data protection controls may be in place. I understand this and agree to the passing of necessary information to required third parties such as hotels and local tour companies.


Full terms and conditions for each ride are available via our booking system (directions to find them are below). These terms and conditions will also be sent to you with your confirmation email after booking.

To find the terms & conditions of this ride:

  • Click any ‘Book This Ride’ button on this webpage such as the one below (right click ‘open in new tab’)
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