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Great Vic Bike Ride 2019 Accommodation Package

Limestone Coast & Great Ocean Road

Friday 22 November, 2019 to Sunday 01 December, 2019

 At a Glance
22 Nov – 1 Dec
9 days, 8 nights (+ optional pre tour accom)
8 ride days. 1 rest day
650 km approx
Ave. Daily:
80 km approx
Bike Type:
Road Bike, Hybrid, Mountain Bike
Group Size:
70 approx
Good quality motels & resorts
Daily breakfasts and afternoon tea
(lunch/dinner incl. in event fee)
See Pricing Tab



The AllTrails Package is an accommodation and support package purchased separately to your entry on the Great Vic Bike Ride. We support your personal challenge with…

  • Accom & Breakfast: Quality accommodation to help you rest easy after your day’s ride.
  • Comfort: For those who prefer not to camp with the crowds or hope for a week of perfect weather.
  • Luggage Transfer: Directly between motels each day. Carefully handled in of our vehicles.
  • Massage: Trained massage therapists included to work on those tired legs and bodies.
  • Private Bike Mechanic: Not just for repairs! Tune-ups, bike-fittings, hints and tips.
  • Small Group Intimacy: All the benefits of the big event, but part of a friendly group.
  • Good Old Fashioned Service: The AllTrails crew really do look after you!
  • Satisfaction: Approx 75% of places each year are taken by past clients.
This year, the ride goes to everybody’s favourite – the Great Ocean Road!

  • Begin in the beautiful Limestone Coast of South Australia
  • Marvel at the famous Blue Lake in Mt Gambier
  • Relax in the quaint fishing villages of Port Fairy & Portland
  • Discover inland treasures in the forest, away from the sea
  • End on a high with the best pieces of the Great Ocean Road.

Combined with our accommodation package with luggage transfer, massage, bike mechanic, friendship and comfy beds, you will enjoy your week even more!

Some of this year's accommodation highlights:

About the AllTrails Package: Our package has been operating successfully with the Great Vic Bike Ride since 2005. The ‘Great Vic’ is a legendary cycling holiday where a few thousand riders camp every night as they discover a new part of Victoria every year. For those who love the event but prefer not to camp and would like to be part of a more intimate group, we organise an accommodation package for 50-80 cyclists which really becomes a ‘ride within a ride’. Such is the enjoyment that the cyclists get from being a part of the package that up to 75% of our places each year are taken by past clients.

Book now: If this sounds like you, then check out the Bicycle Network website here and, of course, if you don’t feel like pitching a tent at the end of the day and you feel that you may need to recover in a nice comfy bed each night, then that is where we step in… we have sourced some great accommodation in and around the ride campsite towns to stay each night and why not enjoy a few massages during the week (included) or have our bike mechanic give your bike a ‘once-over’ to help get you over the line each day. So book now for the AllTrails Accommodation Package, then book your ride on the Great Victorian Bike Ride on the Bicycle Network site (separate costs).

Day to Day

Wake up every morning in a nice comfortable bed, enjoy breakfast in your motel before heading out on the day’s ride. The AllTrails crew will transfer your luggage directly from your accommodation to your next motel or BnB. After you have completed your day’s challenge on the Great Vic Bike Ride, relax upon arrival at your motel, enjoy afternoon tea and perhaps have our bike mechanic look over your bike for a few tips or minor adjustments that you could make to improve your ride. Why not take up the services of our massage therapists a few times during the week to give your body that extra support to take on the event’s challenges.

All of these services are part of this support package, not to mention the social interaction and camaraderie that is always a highlight. In the evening our bus can take you to and from the nightly dinner and entertainment at the event campsite, or we sometimes organise an optional group ‘camaraderie dinner’ where cyclists can choose to join the group for a pre-arranged meal at their own expense. Many cyclists also go out each night in smaller groups for a meal at our motel or a local restaurant with new friends. It’s then off to bed for a great night sleep before doing it all again tomorrow.

Meal and accom inclusions noted as B, L, D, A (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Accom)

Robe Arrival Day -- Fri 22 Nov 2019
PRE-TOUR: Today is the event ‘arrival day’ in Robe. The AllTrails coach will depart Melbourne approx 9am heading to our accommodation in Robe. Tonight’s accommodation is not included in the main package but can be purchased as an optional extra on the booking form. Upon arrival our bike mechanic is on hand to assist in unpacking your bikes and tuning them up so they are ready to run smoothly for the week.

Take your bike for a spin up to the Cape Dombey Obelisk to soak up the beautiful coastal views before our official registration and briefing, then head out to enjoy the area. This old fishing village has great beaches, amazing architecture and a quaint local pub right on the water – what more could you ask for?

Robe to Millicent -- 79km -- Sat 23 Nov 2019 -- - - - A
Some cyclists may decide to arrive this morning however most will have stayed in our pre-tour accom last night. Either way it won’t be long before you are off on the 36th edition of the Great Vic Bike Ride. You’ll ease into the first day on the bike with a relatively flat ride, hugging the coastline on the way to Millicent. Keep an eye out for some giant lakes such as Lake St Clair and be sure to take the time to explore the small coastal town of Beachport on your way. The ride stops at Millicent overnight with plenty to see and do – the Millicent Swimming lake is sure to be a favourite for young and old to cool off.

While you are on the bike we will transfer your luggage to your accommodation so when you ride in you can relax and enjoy afternoon tea and perhaps a massage (3-4 massages for the week). Millicent is a relatively small town but we have sourced all of our accommodation in the township itself so you will be within easy walking and cycling distance to town and the event campsite. We will take bus transfers back to the event campsite from all motels for those who wish to have dinner there and check out the atmosphere at camp, or you may wish to source your own dinner at a local restaurant with some of the other AllTrails group.

Millicent to Mt Gambier -- 77km -- Sun 24 Nov 2019 -- B - - A
Enjoy a pre-arranged breakfast in town before heading out on a ride to fantastic Mt Gambier across undulating hills as you weave through the pastoral lands around Millicent. The day in the saddle finishes in the southeastern corner of South Australia at Mount Gambier, where you’ll be greeted by the famous Blue Lake. Once you’ve taken in the sight of the cobalt blue waters, there’s plenty to do around town, from walking up Centenary Tower to sampling local food, or even exploring the town’s Great Rail Trail and bike riding network.

When you ride in at the end of the day you can relax and enjoy afternoon tea and perhaps a massage. Mt Gambier is a big town with plenty of accommodation choices so again we are close to camp and have sourced some very nice motels for your stay here. Tonight we will likely arrange an optional ‘camaraderie dinner’ – a great opportunity to meet your fellow cyclists in the AllTrails group (optional extra on the booking form).

Mt Gambier to Portland -- 107km -- Mon 25 Nov 2019 -- B - - A
Enjoy a great breakfast in Mt Gambier (your last meal in South Australia) before heading out on the day’s ride, crossing the border into Victoria and on to Portland. On the way you will meander up and down hills and spin alongside the Glenelg River before passing through the charming little towns of Donovans and Nelson. You will have clocked 107km by the end of the day’s riding but can enjoy a cruisy tail end to the ride with a fairly flat finish. Once you’re set up in Portland there’s plenty to tick off the to do list, including a wander down to the amazing foreshore, a ride on the cable car and visiting the Portland Lighthouse.

We have some lovely accommodation here across from the foreshore reserve and sheltered bay. Your luggage will have again been taken ahead to your accommodation, ready for your check-in. Don’t forget to ask for your afternoon tea at reception. Have you had a massage yet this week? If not, put your hand up and jump on the table for your relaxing 10-minute rub-down. Our bus will be taking transfers back to the event campsite from all hotels for those who wish to have dinner there, or you may wish to source your own dinner at a local restaurant with some of the other AllTrails group.

Portland to Port Fairy -- 85km -- Tue 26 Nov 2019 -- B - - A
After breakfast at your accommodation, you mount up and begin your ride from one fishing village to the next – both oozing character and charm. A nice easy day of riding with 85km on the clock and just 200m of climbing throughout the day. Hit the road early for spectacular morning views over the ocean as you pedal out of Portland. Make sure you keep an eye out for the many historic buildings as you roll into Port Fairy and set up camp for a well-earned day off the bike!

When you ride in at the end of the day you can relax and enjoy afternoon tea and perhaps a massage. We will take bus transfers back to the event campsite from the motels for those who wish to have dinner there, or you may wish to source your own dinner at a local restaurant with some of the other AllTrails group.

Port Fairy Rest Day -- NA -- Wed 27 Nov 2019 -- B - - A
For those on the ‘First 4 Nights’ package, unfortunately your time has come to an end. We also welcome the ‘Last 4 Nights’ cyclists to our package today. For our 8-nighters, the rest day is your chance to see everything that Port Fairy has to offer or just relax and revitalise your body ready for the rest of the week. We will have massages available for a few hours in the morning at our accommodation and there are lots of activities and things to do at the event campsite to fill in your day.

There’s so much to uncover in every corner of the charming village of Port Fairy that is was once voted the world’s most liveable town. Whether you’re one to browse the boutique shops and antique stores scattered throughout the town, soak up the beach vibes or taste your way through the many great local  pubs, cafes and restaurants – there’s something to keep everyone busy on rest day. Top picks for the day include swimming at Pea Soup Beach, taking a walk along the riverfront or tucking into pizza at Coffin Sally. Top it off with a visit to the local ice cream shop and you’ll be ready to hop back on the bike for the next day’s riding. Our bus will take transfers back to the event campsite tonight for those who wish to eat there.

Port Fairy to Peterborough -- 95km -- Thu 28 Nov 2019 -- B - - A
We are back on the bike today – or if you have just joined us for the last half of the ride, today is Day One! Have a good breakfast at your accommodation before heading out on your way towards the world-renowned Great Ocean Road. You’ll want to hit the road early to really soak up the morning coastal views on the way out of Port Fairy. Prepare the legs for a pinch climb up to Tower Hill but don’t worry, the 10/10 views make it worth the effort. Be sure to take a break for a few post-card worthy snaps at Hopkins Falls before hitting the Great Ocean Road where you will get your first taste of this world-renowned driving route as you take in all the sites on the way to Peterborough including; Bay of Islands, Worm Bay and Bay of Matyrs.

Once in Peterborough you’ll find yourself situated in the heart of some of the Great Ocean Road’s most iconic attractions, with beautiful coastal views and a must-do coastal walk that takes you all the way back to Bay of Matyrs. Peterborough is a very small coastal town with not enough accommodation for our group so we will be transferring most of our cyclists to the next large town of Port Campbell just a little way up the road. When you arrive at the event campsite in Peterborough you can secure your bike in our AllTrails bike compound and catch the next transfer to your accommodation. In the evening our bus will still be taking transfers back to the event campsite for those who wish to have dinner there, or you may wish to source your own dinner with some of the other AllTrails group at a local restaurant – there are plenty of great options in town.

Peterborough to Beech Forest -- 81km -- Fri 29 Nov 2019 -- B - - A
Fill up at breakfast to fuel the body for the day, then prepare for a great day’s cycling. Keep the camera handy, as today’s riding passes all those iconic sites along the Great Ocean Road including London Bridge, the blow hole, 12 Apostles, Gibsons Steps and gorgeous views from the bike in general. Pace yourself and get ready to tackle the formidable Lavers Hill. Once you’ve conquered the climb, reward yourself with a custard tart from the general store and from there you have one last little climb to Beech Forrest through the beautiful Otways. If your legs are itching for more once you’ve arrived in Beech Forest, you can have a crack at the Birregurra-Forest Rail Trail (or “Tiger Rail Trail) by bike, explore the Otways by foot or alternatively just kick back for the afternoon at Beech Forest Pub.

Beech Forest is an extremely small town with no suitable accommodation for us so we have booked accommodation in the nearest larger town of Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road. We will run transfers from the event campsite to your accommodation where you can relax with your afternoon tea and have a massage before the week is out (we expect most cyclists to get 3-4 massages during the week). Tonight we will take advantage of our distance from the event campsite to arrange our second camaraderie dinner where you can mingle and get to know your fellow AllTrails cyclists a bit better and meet some new people. The camaraderie dinner is an optional extra on the booking form, or you can eat out in the town (there are plenty of options). We won’t be transferring cyclists back to camp tonight.

Beech Forest to Deans Marsh -- 62km -- Sat 30 Nov 2019 -- B - - A
After breakfast we will get you back to the event campsite to begin your ride to Deans Marsh. Today, you’re in for a treat! Turton’s Track is beautiful little stretch of road that winds its way through the Otways with some of the region’s best scenery on show. There’s a little climbing involved but the worst of it is already behind you. Deans Marsh is a small town with a lot of heart – surrounded by beautiful green countryside, rolling hills and a couple of wineries that are well worth a visit. Martians Café is a great place to enjoy a post ride beverage and live music, or alternatively be sure to pop by the local corner store for a quality snack or meal.

Due to the size of Deans Marsh there is no suitable accommodation for us, however not far away down on the Great Ocean Road there is a wonderful resort in Lorne that we have booked for our final night of the ride where you will be able to enjoy all the facilities of this top class accommodation and leisure precinct. After your afternoon tea, check for a free spot at the massage table then have a look around the grounds or take a stroll along the beach to the main road in town. You may want to stay in town for dinner, or eat at the resort, or jump in our bus as it makes its last evening run back to the event campsite for cyclists who want to go down for the final night’s entertainment. Hopefully you’re ready to send the Great Vic out in style – the last night’s quite a party.

Deans Marsh to Torquay -- 66km -- Sun 1 Dec 2019 -- B - - -
It’s your last day! This morning you have two options. Firstly, you can catch the bus to Deans Marsh and ride 20km back down to Lorne (closed road), there is a catch however – you will need to be up early as we need to leave Lorne by 5:30am due to the road closure. When you get to Lorne you can even drop back into the resort for your breakfast if you like. The second options is to sleep in and have breakfast at the resort before joining the ride at Lorne and cycling the last 45km along the Great Ocean Road towards Aireys Inlet and Anglesea, hugging the coast right through to the finish site at the famous surf-town of Torquay where the journey comes to the end at the end of the Great Ocean Road.

AllTrails will meet you at the end and help you pack away your bikes ready for transport whether you are coming on our bus back to Melbourne or heading elsewhere. Thanks for joining us and congratulations!


Note that your Great Vic Bike Ride event entry fee is NOT included and must be purchased separately. You can book with us today then book in with Bicycle Network. Our package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • AllTrails cycling jersey
  • Daily breakfasts
  • Daily luggage transfer
  • Afternoon teas
  • Scheduled transfers between motels and Great Vic campsite
  • Massage therapists (10 min massages, approx 3-4 times during the week)
  • Private bike mechanic

Package Options:

  • Our full 8 night package gives you accommodation from Sat-Sat. It does not include accom in Robe on Fri 22 Nov but you may book that as an optional extra if you wish (most do).
  • **** SOLD OUT **** The ‘First 4 Nights’ package is for those cycling from Robe to Port Fairy. It does not include accom in Robe on Fri 22 Nov but you may book that as an optional extra if you wish (most do). This package DOES include 1 night in Port Fairy which can be swapped for a night in Robe if you don’t need a night in Port Fairy. **** SOLD OUT ****
  • The ‘Last 4 Nights’ package is for those cycling Port Fairy to Torquay. Includes 1 night in Port Fairy before the ride.

Payment Schedule:

  • Deposit on booking ($400)
  • Progress Payment 30 days after deposit (40% of package cost, less deposit paid)
  • Balance due 23 Sept (2 months before the ride)

Cancel fees:

  • 90+ days = $400 cancel fee
  • 89-60 days = forfeit 25% of total entry
  • 59-30 days = forfeit 50% of total entry
  • within 29 days = forfeit 100%

Change fees: Change from full 8-night package to 4 night package (or similar down-grade of package):

  • 60+ days = no charge
  • 59-30 days = 50% of the nights no longer used
  • within 29 days = no refund on the nights no longer used

Optional Extras change fees:

  • 60+ days = no charge
  • 59-30 days = $50pp for each change
  • Within 30 days = no refund

Click the ‘Terms & Conditions’ tab for full details on cancel & change fees plus travel insurance (very important).

24 Jun
23 Sep
24 Sep
8 Night package AUD
TWIN SHARE PER PERSON (dbl bed or 2 beds)
$2890 pp $2940 pp $2990 pp
8 Night package AUD
SINGLE SUPP (one person with own room)
$3880 $3930 $3980
First 4 Nights package (start of ride) AUD
**** SOLD OUT ****
First 4 Nights package (start of ride) AUD
**** SOLD OUT ****
Last 4 Nights package (end of ride) AUD
TWIN SHARE PER PERSON (dbl bed or 2 beds)
$1545 pp $1595 pp $1645 pp
Last 4 Nights package (end of ride) AUD
SINGLE SUPP (one person with own room) 
$2040 $2090 $2140

Early bookers travelling on their own can book a twin share package and we will try to partner you up with somebody else of the same gender travelling on their own. This offer closes on 23 Sep. After this date contact us to see if we can match you.

Note that your Great Vic Bike Ride event entry fee is NOT included and must be purchased separately. You can book with us today then book in with Bicycle Network.

Optional Extras

The riding starts on Sat 23 Nov however we will be travelling to Robe on Fri 22 Nov. Our coach departs from Melbourne at approx 9am on Fri morning (TBC). Pre-tour accom is available in Robe on Fri night as an optional extra. Most cyclists on our package travel in our coach and book the pre-tour accom however this is optional.

An AllTrails cycling jersey is included in the price of entry however you can also purchase other merchandise items as per the link here. Link to AllTrails Merchandise PDF

Pre ride (Robe) accom Fri 22 Nov
$135 pp twin share
$205 single – own room
AllTrails Coach Transfer Melbourne to Robe – cyclist, luggage & bike. Fri 22 Nov only
$150 pp
AllTrails Coach Transfer from end of ride to Melbourne – cyclist, luggage & bike. Sun 1 Dec
Group Camaraderie Dinner #1 Mt Gambier
Group Camaraderie Dinner #2 Apollo Bay
AllTrails t-shirt. Raglan style (3/4 sleeve)
AllTrails t-shirt. New style tee
AllTrails t-shirt. Older stock, limited sizes
AllTrails cycling cap. Matching the light blue “Stripes” design
AllTrails water bottle. Classic AllTrails orange colour, BPA free, made in Australia
Alltrails draw-string day-bag. Great for use as day bag on tour
Soft foldable bike bag carriage $3/day
Hard case & unfoldable bike box carriage $10/day
Premium Package Option (per person cost)
Upgraded accom where possible

 Click any image to enlarge

What people have said about previous years:

Thank you all so much for AllTrails adding such value to my GVBRide. It was good to meet you and finally taste the AllTrails experience after all these years. As a ‘senior citizen’ I was delighted to be able to access the AllTrails Luxury package…the package you put together was varied and most enjoyable. Having my own bedroom, toilet and shower (without queuing) was sublime. And where a bath was available it was truly luxurious. Each arvo I would crank up the aircon and, having washed my cycling kit, leave it to dry in my snug nest..I don’t believe that I could do that in a tent….So thank you for your fine blend of administrative and organisational skills combined with plain old hard work and cycling smarts. It gave me a seamless worry free tour knowing that all the details would be taken care of by All Trails, whether it be the bus pick ups from the end of the ride to my motel and vice versa, the AllTrails bike corral, the afternoon teas, massages…and friendly personal support. I have already booked my place on the AllTrails Luxury package for the GVBR so that is a fine endorsement…a returning client who received service beyond expectations! Jeremy T

Frank and I enjoyed the GVBR and really appreciated the support you provided to us. I thought we had booked an accommodation package but it was much more. The fact this was not the case gave me the confidence I could complete the ride as I had only started cycling this year and this was the first time I had participated on any cycling event. From day 1 it was great to know that we were going to be well supported by massages, good healthy food, cycling expertise and organisational skills. JB’s skilful care of our bicycles was an added bonus. Thank-you again. Jane B

Congratulations to all the AllTrails staff for handling such a big contingent of riders so well and still giving us individual attention: as usual we had a really enjoyable tour. Jumping into a dry bus and heading for a warm room surely beats camping after a cold, wet day in the saddle. Thought Ben and JB did a super job with the bikes. Robyn & John

Hi All, Thanks for the Great Alltrails experience. You all make our ride a pleasure…! [and] run the warmest and friendliest and comfort-ablest! package and make the ride a real treat for us. Count us in for next year. — Mike and Wendy

Thank you so much for the wonderful support you provided for the Great Vic Bike Ride. I love doing the ride and there is no way I could manage the camping option – so the motel option is terrific. But better than that is knowing your support and the support of your team is there whenever we need it. I really appreciated it. Many thanks to you both and also to the other members of the team. I would like to put my name down for the next Great Vic Bike Ride. — Joan C

Thank you for another great experience with the GVBR, and the excellent professional services you provide. It makes the whole thing so much more enjoyable and painless. Everything went smoothly, which is a credit to yourselves, your planning and active involvement. — Bruce R

Thank you so much for making our bike experience so wonderful. As you are aware, I enjoyed every minute of it and was so relieved to be with you and not under canvas. The motels were good, the breakfasts made life so easy and to have the mechanic and the massages each day were the icing on the cake. — Pat T

Thanks for another fabulous ride this year and thanks to your team as well. I hope you have booked us for the next tour!!! — Michael R

I want to thank you both and your team very much for taking great care of me and aiding me in completing this year’s Great Vic Bike Ride…thank you for your support! — Peter J

Thank you so much for your fantastic work on the tour. Your approach was professional, friendly and clearly illustrated a love for bike riding in all its many forms. Yes please can I sign up for next year — Mary-Anne C

Please book me in for next year. Thank you for this year’s ride it was your usual impeccable organization I really enjoyed the ride and look forward to next year with you all — Joan G

Had a great time on the ride, and will be booking in advance for the package for the Great Vic Bike Ride next year. — Peter H

We are happy to answer any other questions you may have

Feel free to contact us at any time through our website ‘Contact Us’ page, phone or email. We love what we do and want to get you on the best bike ride for you. Speak to us about what’s on your mind and we’ll help you make your decision.

Bike Hire

If you want to hire a bike for one of our tours just let us know on your online booking form and we will get the ball rolling for you. You can also bring your own seat and/or pedals to give you that little bit of ‘home comfort’.

Insurance – IMPORTANT

Obtaining appropriate insurance is your (very important) responsibility

IMPORTANT: Travel Insurance – even for trips within Australia

  • When you consider the cost of cancelling your tour if something goes wrong before or during your travel, insurance is good protection.
  • Domestic travel insurance is usually considerably cheaper than international.
  • Purchase your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your tour and your travel – don’t wait until just before you go.
  • Some credit card travel insurances do not apply to domestic Australian travel – check with your provider.
  • There are lots of travel insurance providers – cyclists should do their own research to ensure they are covered adequately.
  • Here are two options as an example:
  • International travellers should always have a comprehensive travel insurance.

IMPORTANT: Cyclist insurance for accidents & medical:

Cyclist Insurance is different to Travel Insurance and is often included as part of cycling memberships such as Bicycle Network or Bicycle Queensland or can be bought separately. Cycling can be a dangerous activity and you should be prepared for the worst. If you have an accident in training for the tour or on the tour itself cyclist insurance can help with medical, income protection and third party coverage. Check out the benefits here:


Sharing rooms – how does it work?

On the online entry form you can nominate any travelling companions who you would like to share a room with and/or be accommodated close to so that couples or friends can be grouped together. This can be in a double bed or twin beds. If you are travelling alone like many of our riders, a Single Supplement price is available for those who would like their own room for the whole trip. On some tours you can also choose to ‘twin share’ where single riders are paired with other riders of the same gender (often changed during the tour to allow solo travellers to meet other solo travellers). On other tours you may need to put your name down on a Twin Share Request List and we will try to match you up. If you are a snorer or have other habits that may affect your fellow room-mates we ask that you book your own room at the Single Supplement price. If you are coming on your own and have booked in as twin share, this usually means that you will share a room with one other single twin share cyclist or crew member, however in some cases we may have larger rooms (eg. two bedroom apartment or a B&B/house with multiple bathrooms) where we may have 3 or more single twin share travellers together.

Travelling alone?

Not a problem! You’ll find other like-minded cycling companions taking part in our rides. If you’re a solo traveller we can pair you with other solo travellers of the same gender in twin share accom (early bookers only) or you can opt for Single Supplement (additional cost) to receive a room of your own.

Snorers can enjoy their own room

If you are a chronic snorer or have other habits that may affect your fellow room-mates we suggest booking your own room (single supplement cost). This is not just a courtesy to your fellow travelling companions, but will also give you the space & privacy you need to enjoy your sleep after a long day on the bike.

Speak to a past client

We will be happy to give you the names and telephone numbers of people who have participated in the ride or a similar ride to the one which you are considering. Where possible we will provide you with the details of someone within your city or state.
Another good place to look is our ‘Testimonials’ page.

Group info session

Contact us if you would like to find out about booking an info session for your group of friends, or if you would like to find out about a travel talk happening near you in the future. Be inspired, hear from the experts, learn more about a destination and even book your tour on the night.

Changing or cancelling a tour

Should you wish to change your booking with AllTrails to a different tour, there will be a very reasonable service charge. We try to keep this figure as low as possible to allow flexibility where we can as we want to make sure that you get on the right tour for you. For cancellation and refund policies for your tour click the ‘T&Cs’ tab on the relevant tour page of our website.

If you need to cancel your tour, a travel insurance policy will cover cancellation fees due to most unforeseen events. This is why we provide links to travel insurance options and highly recommend that you investigate and purchase travel insurance for all our rides (including Australian domestic tours) at the time of deposit and ensure that it includes coverage for cancellation fees if for some reason you are not able to travel (see Travel Insurance FAQ). For our international tours we require all participants to have Travel Insurance to assist you in the event of a medical emergency, lost baggage, personal liability, cancelled tour or other trip related issues.

What sorts of people join our rides?

People from all parts of Australia and also some overseas guests. Ages generally range from 35 – 75 with the average age about 50-60 years old. Adventurous cyclists usually about 40% women & 60% men with a mix of singles, friends and couples.

Packing tips

We recommend you bring a soft bag or backpack. We advise against bringing a suitcase as they are bulky, difficult to stow on board vehicles or trailers and heavy. You may be required to lift or carry your own luggage from time to time, e.g. into accommodation. We expect your bag to be no heavier than 15kg, making it easy to manage for you and the staff. Any excess luggage may need to be stored or forwarded on to your final destination at your own expense. Information about what to pack is included as part of your Pre-Departure information. Generally we advise that you pack as light as possible.

Bike type – which is best?

A comfortable racing bike, road bike or touring bike with a good seat and road tyres. A hybrid is also possible if you are comfortable riding the daily distances and average speed of the tour, however these bikes can be around 20% slower than a road bike. Ask us for the ‘Training Tips’ document for this ride to get an idea of distances and speeds you need to train for.

Accommodation on the support package

We try to obtain the best accommodation in the best location for you to rest your weary head (and legs) in each town whether it be a motel, hotel, resort, B and B, cabins or similar. We choose the best and most welcoming motel for cyclists and our tour group needs, usually 3½ – 4 star, or perhaps 3 star on occasions when we travel through some very small towns and villages where accommodation is extremely limited. Accommodation is in same town as the main ride campsite, otherwise in the nearest town where accommodation is available. If for whatever reason, such as limited options, the accommodation one night is below normal standard, we strive to improve this with an extra good room the next night or nights following.
If you are coming on your own and have booked in as twin share, this usually means that you will share with one other single twin share traveller, however in some cases we may have larger rooms (eg. two bedroom apartment or B&B with multiple bathrooms) where we may have 3 or 4 single twin share travellers together.

Luggage transfer and day packs

We suggest you carry your own personal goods, like camera, wallet, perhaps rain gear if it’s threatening. We carry your main luggage to your accommodation each morning once you have departed. Our vehicles are not allowed on the event cycle route so you will not have access to your luggage during the day so you will need to take everything that you need for the day with you in the morning. Your luggage will be available to you once you check into your accommodation or shortly after.

Getting to your motel after the day’s ride

Cyclists will be given specific maps, detailing where their overnight motel is situated and how best to ride there from the finish. In the case that your accommodation is not nearby the finish you have the option to leave your bike in our AllTrails compound near front gate of the campsite. We will take you to motel, bring you back for dinner at the campsite if you wish and return you to motel then bring you back to collect your bike the next morning.

Bike Security

If your accommodation isn’t near the day’s ride finish point, AllTrails will set up a compound with a storage rack at the main entrance gate to the camping area. Although security guards are present all night, we suggest you carry a lock as your bike is your responsibility. From the compound we will transfer you to your motel and back.

Luggage delivery

After breakfast, your luggage will be collected from your motel and delivered to your next allocated motel.  It will be left in the foyer or safe storage area and this is usually where you will leave it again in the morning for collection. Day Sheets will have collection times stated for each day.

Massage therapist on the AllTrails package

The massage therapist is complimentary and will be available most afternoons. To be fair to everyone, we have limited the massage time to ten minutes for each person which allows most people a massage on most days – it is not designed to provide a massage every day to every person. We ask that riders be fair and share this luxury around, allowing the late arrivals to get their fair share of massage time. In some towns where we are using three or four motels, the massage therapist will usually be at the motel where the most cyclists are accommodated – massage locations will be listed in your Day Sheets. Bookings can only be made on the day after your arrival at the motel by writing your name in an available 10-minute time slot. We try to allow everyone 4-5 massages during the week, sometimes more. Names will be ticked off, but please speak up if you are somehow missing out.

Training for the bike ride

The great thing about going on a mass ride such as this one is that there are many cyclists with a wide range of abilities and fitness levels. You can pretty much go at your own pace and enjoy the ride at your own speed. More details on training and preparation are on the ride event website.

Evening meals at the main ride campsite

You can choose to have your evening meal at the main ride campsite/HQ, your motel, a local restaurant, hotel or wherever. If you wish, our bus will pick up motel cyclists around 5-6pm to take them to the campsite for dinner and return to motels usually at 8pm. Special times will be arranged for motels that may be further out – your Day Sheets will have specific information for each individual day.

Why book with us?

We only run approximately 10 tours per year. This makes every tour as special to us as it is to you because we are not repeating the same rides over and over again week-in week-out. Every tour is meticulously planned and we are just as excited to be there as you – there is no bulk production-line here! On most occasions the owner-operators of the business will be on tour with you looking after everyone on the ride.  The safety and confidence that comes with that is one of many great reasons to book your cycling holiday with us.
AllTrails is a proud Australian owned company with a great reputation in the bicycle tour industry. We have earned that reputation through hard work and dedication and we sincerely care about every person on every tour. Our large community of loyal AllTrails riders that keep coming back year after year are testament to the high standard of tours that we provide. We consider ourselves the best in the business and we always make sure that our tours represent great value at a fair price.

Terms & Conditions


I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this event (see instructions below) and wish to enter this ALLTRAILS BICYCLE TOURS Pty Ltd event at my own risk. I understand that participation in this ride involves riding on public roads used by other traffic, and in doing this, I am aware of the potential dangers, both on and off public roads. In my judgement, I am capable and competent to participate safely in this ride. I hereby release, exempt and indemnify AllTrails and any of its contractors, local guides, officers, directors, employees, agents, staff, sponsors, volunteers and all other persons involved in the organisation of this event, from all actions, costs, demands, proceedings, and claims whatsoever made or taken by any person, arising out of my participation in the ride.

I accept that I am to wear a helmet, abide by road laws, and understand the organisers have no responsibility for my property damaged or stolen. I agree to take responsibility, and make appropriate payment if necessary, for any damage to others property that I cause including motel rooms, motel property, AllTrails property or other cyclist’s property.

I agree to carefully consider my insurance options and take note of AllTrails’ policy strongly recommending Cyclist Insurance and Travel Insurance to all cyclists on Australian tours, and the compulsory Travel Insurance policy for international tours.

AllTrails reserves the right to change the advertised ride and itinerary due to road works, bad weather, unsafe conditions, or any unforeseen circumstances. I declare I am 18 years of age or older or am the legal guardian of persons under 18 years old in my care. I consent to publication, for promotional purposes, of any photos or video footage taken of myself or others in my group, while taking part in this event without recourse or compensation to me.

I consent to AllTrails processing personal information about me and other members of my party. AllTrails may hold my name, address and other details supplied on their database. This information will be used to make my tour arrangements and to send me information about AllTrails and its tours. In order to make my tour arrangements AllTrails may need to pass on my details to companies and individuals inside and/or outside Australia, where less stringent data protection controls may be in place. I understand this and agree to the passing of necessary information to required third parties such as hotels and local tour companies.


Full terms and conditions for each ride are available via our booking system (directions to find them are below). These terms and conditions will also be sent to you with your confirmation email after booking.

To find the terms & conditions of this ride:

  • Click any ‘Book This Ride’ button on this webpage such as the one below (right click ‘open in new tab’)
  • Enter at least 1 participant on any package, then scroll down and click ‘BOOK NOW’
  • Click the ‘SKIP’ button
  • Scroll to the bottom of the questions page and click ‘terms and conditions’ hyperlink