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Turin ITALY to Paris FRANCE 2015

See the Tour de France in Paris

Tuesday 14 July, 2015 to Sunday 26 July, 2015

Following the popularity of our Rome to Paris tours, we once again proudly present this wonderful ride between two of the most famous cities in the world. Turin to Paris is the second half of that ride – a tour taking in some of the legendary Tour de France climbs over the French Alps; Alpe d’ Huez, Col de Lautaret, Col de Galibier (optional detour).

The twisting turning climbs are not only favourites of the pro riders, but also the recreational cyclist who wants to experience the elation of elevation, with the knowledge of a descent that only the Alps can provide.

Celebrate your triumphs with a ride through the burgundy countryside, perhaps visit a winery or two before the epic final stretch of riding alongside the Seine River, past Notre Dame and finishing under the Eiffel Tower. Celebrate with a French champagne lunch before the big day tomorrow, watching the TDF racing around the Champs Elysees.

Book today or give us a call on 03 9645 3355 – we look forward to having a chat. Phil & Susan – AllTrails Bicycle Tours

Quick link to Rome to Turin tour.

This ride featured in New York’s Mens Journal as one of the 3 top global epic long distance cycle tours

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Turin, ITALY to Paris, FRANCE
Tue 14 – Sun 26 July 2015
13 days, 12 nights. 10 actual ride days.
1 pre-tour day, 1 post-tour day
1 rest day
Distance: 979km
Ave. Daily: 98km
Bike Type:
Road Bike or hybrid (BYO or hire)
Good bitumen roads – mountainous then undulating
Group Size:
Approx 20-25
Difficulty Rating:
3 to 4 star hotels, lodges and country estates
12 breakfasts, 6 dinners, 3 lunches
1 happy hour, 1 wine tasting
1 Eiffel Tower champagne toast
Ride completed


  • Climb Alpe d’Huez, stay overnight, then back down the following day.
  • Cycle famous Tour de France climbs including Col du Lauteret and Col du Galibier (optional).
  • Finish under the Eiffel Tower.
  • Optional extra catered grandstand package at the final day of the Tour de France in Paris.
  • Rest Day in Beaune, Capital of Burgundy wines, vineyards & chateaux.
  • Turin, the first capital of a unified Italy in 1861.
  • Cycle Piemonte wine region.
  • Indulge in Italian and French Culinary Delights.
  • Cross Italian / French border over the famous Alps.
  • Hot Water Springs.
  • 1 night in Paris near the Champs-Elysees.
  • Rome to Turin departs one day before the start of Tour de France.
  • Turin to Paris finishes one day before the Tour de France Champ-Elysees finish in Paris.
Many cyclists will start their ride with us in Rome which begins on 2 July, however some will pick up the tour here in Turin. Surrounded by the Alps of Switzerland and France, Turin in Piemonte is pure heaven where National Parks and rugged peaks are abundant and a perfect place to start our second leg of this Rome to Paris journey. A welcome dinner will be a great opportunity to meet the group and your tour leaders before heading off the next day towards the famous cycling territory of the French Alps to begin your assault on the massifs of these mountain ranges.

We ride up and actually stay the night on top of the famous Alpe d’Huez and offer an optional route to climb Col du Galibier. After descending from the famous Alps we level out to the vineyards and chateaux in the Champagne Burgundy province. We pedal along quiet roads through country towns, past medieval and renaissance castles and cities, then the climax, cycling up along the Seine River, past the Notre Dame Cathedral, finishing under the Eiffel Tower, before cycling to our central hotel in Paris located near the Champs Elysees. A celebratory dinner is enjoyed before waking up the next day to the excitement of the Tour de France arriving in town.

These rides are designed not just as a bike tour to get from A to B, but a way to experience the cultures, people, environments and ways of life across the globe. They are not just a tour, but an achievement. We cycle mostly back-roads off the beaten track and through famous historic cities, past rivers, lakes and over mountains. Even though it is a fully supported tour, you are still part of an expedition. It is something that you can be proud of completing, yet it is within reach of most adventurous cyclists who are willing to commit to solid training, resulting in being able to cycle at 25kph on a flat road under normal conditions.
AllTrails bike tour arrives in paris

Imagine waking up in a beautiful little French hotel, the breakfast presented beautifully and tasting even better, before mounting your road bike and heading off over the alps or perhaps making your way through vineyards and rolling countryside with a group of other like-minded cyclists. We have recommended meeting points up the road for your morning tea and lunch stops so that you can cycle with other riders of the same speed if you wish, or go at your own pace, navigating by chalk arrows on the ground, or a GPS if you have one. You will also see a support vehicle 2-5 times per day as they drive the route to ensure cyclist safety.

The mountains on this tour are there to be climbed and we know that many of you will relish the opportunity to challenge yourself on some of these famous hills. Tough sections of the ride like this, however, will be one of the designated sections where our support bus will pick up some cyclists and take them ahead, in order to cut out either some big climbs or some long distances. Tour Leaders will work with the group before each day to identify pickup and drop off points for those who may not wish to ride the entire day’s route and would like to relax and absorb the scenery from the bus. Cyclists don’t have to ride in a group – the route is marked and suggested cafes and towns are pointed out for your snack and lunch stops but you are free to ride and stop where you wish.

We ride up and stay the night on top of the famous Alpe d’Huez and offer an optional route to climb Col du Galibier. On most days you will have the opportunity to catch the last part of the Tour de France race live on TV in our hotel as we enjoy our own ride to Paris.

Tour participants should aim to be able to cycle at 20-25kph on flat terrain. We expect a normal day’s cycling to finish between 2-5pm where we then have the afternoon and long summer evenings to explore the village or relax at the hotel. An evening meal is often provided, leaving other evenings for your choice of meal and restaurants.

Meal and accom inclusions noted as B, L, D, A (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Accom)

Turin -- NA -- Tue 14 July 2015 -- - - D A
Day 1 (Pre Tour). Highlights: Turin. 
For cyclists joining us in Turin, we strongly suggest arriving on the 13th or earlier to prepare yourself and explore the area before meeting the tour leaders and riders. Many cyclists will have started this tour in Rome in which case today is their rest day. Turin was the first capital of a unified Italy and a major business and cultural centre for the country, it is also the capital of the Piemonte region, famous for its wines and monasteries.
Turin to Susa -- 57km -- Wed 15 July 2015 -- B - D A
Day 2. Highlights: Italian Alps. 
The beauty of the Alps begins to open up to us today as we leave the city of Turin behind and head for the mountains. Today is a pretty flat ride but it is truly beautiful as we cycle up the Dora Riparia – the magnificent valley taking us to Susa and the snowfield region of Bardonecchia, a popular holiday resort in the heart of the Alps where the Winter Olympics took place in 2006.
Susa to Briancon -- 68km -- Thu 16 July 2015 -- B - - A
Day 3. Highlights: Climbing the French Alps, Briancon.
Today we cross the French border then head south to the lovely Alpine town of Briancon. At 68km this is a reasonably short ride but it marks the start of the mountain climbing so it will be a nice warm up for tomorrow’s attack on the famous Tour de France climbs and you will enjoy the afternoon in beautiful surroundings. We are going to pass through Bardonecchia, the last village in Italy before climbing the Colle della Scala/ Col de l’echelle which marks the boundary between Italy and France. From the top of the Col (1762 metres) we will gently ride downhill into Briancon, the highest town in the European Union at 1325 metres, with its magnificent fortifications of the Vauban. Briancon has often been the final stage of the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia. There are a number of good restaurants and eating options in Briancon and our Tour Leaders will point you in the right direction for you to go forth and explore individually, or you may want to team up with a few of your new-found friends to enjoy dinner together.
Briancon to Alpe d Huez -- 81km -- Fri 17 July 2015 -- B L D A
Day 4. Highlights: Col du Lautaret, la Meije, Massif des Ecrins, l’Alpe-d’Huez, Col du Galibier (optional).
We cycle through the valley alongside beautiful river systems, before climbing Col du Lautaret 2058mt then on to La Meije, Massif des Ecrins. For those who want the ultimate Tour de France cycling experience you have the opportunity to ride up and down Col du Galibier before we all climb the world famous Alpe d’Huez. Today we will send you off with a packed lunch so that you can stop and admire the view from one of the many vantage points on this day in the mountains. Stand on the podium at the top of Alp d’Huez for a great picture opportunity before retiring to our accommodation right here at the top of the famous mountain for our overnight stay (unless you want to go down and do Alpe-d’Huez again!). Don’t worry if you do not want to tackle all of the hills today – our support vehicle will be there to help you along where required (and remember that tomorrow is pretty much all downhill). Many of the climbs that you ride on these days will be ridden by the Tour de France cyclists on the days before and after our tour as le Tour travels through the Alps.
Alpe d Huez to la Cote St Andre -- 123km -- Sat 18 July 2015 -- B - D A
Day 5. Highlights: Gorges de la Romanche, Chaine de la Belledonne, Grenoble.
Today we head down from Alpe d’Huez to Le Bourg d’Oisans on a long downhill then wind our way between the stunning mountain ranges, heading on and through Grenoble along the Drac and then Isere Rivers. Grenoble is considered the capital of the French Alps and the city’s history goes back more than 2000 years! We’ll bike along the two rivers on a nice and flat bikepath before getting to a small and typical village of the region Rhone-Alpes: la Cote St Andre.
la Cote St Andre to Macon -- 141km -- Sun 19 July 2015 -- B - - A
Day 6. Highlights: rolling French countryside, Macon wines and Beaujoulais vineyards.
Long but flat ride for today as we cross the Rhone River and head north through the marshy plains of the Dombes region, also known as the thousand lakes region – you’ll see why as our route sees us pedalling from one pond to the next. In the morning we will pedal through the beautiful countryside on small roads with no traffic before getting into the Burgundy region with its production of excellent wines. The cycling to Paris from today has a lot less hills – vineyards are the beauty of this area, enabling us to enjoy the wonderful scenery and atmosphere of the French countryside and villages. Our final stop is Macon. The city lies on the river Saone and has a wonderful recently restored romanesque cathedral and many cafes along the river where you can taste some wines of the Maconnais!
Macon to Beaune -- 104km -- Mon 20 July 2015 -- B - - A
Day 7. Highlights: Burgundy vineyards – Tournus, Meursault, Volnay.
Highlights today are many as we cycle through Burgundy’s famous Vineyards: Meursault Volnay, and Pommard. A scenic flat ride through some of the best known vineyards of France. We will start the day biking along rolling roads in the middle of the countryside before getting to the medieval town of Tournus where you can stop by to visit the massive church of Saint Philibert. From Tournus you will bike through the famous vineyards and chateaux of Burgundy before getting to Beaune, the capital of the wine region, where you will enjoy a relaxing afternoon wine-tasting event (a great introduction to the region’s wines), ready for your rest day tomorrow.
Beaune REST DAY -- NA -- Tue 21 July 2015 -- B - - A
Day 8. Rest day today in the Capital of Burgundy Wines to prepare for the final push on to Paris.
Explore the town or relax at the wineries scattered around every corner.
Beaune to Semur en Auxois -- 90km -- Wed 22 July 2015 -- B L - A
Day 9. Highlights: Burgundy vineyards (Aloxe-Corton), quiet country roads, chateau de Chateauneuf. 
Burgundy Vineyards beautify this area, which has many quiet back roads through medieval villages built on a pink granite bluff. We pedal the small roads again before a short climb to the splendid medieval chateau de Chateauneuf where you can stop for a visit and enjoy a magnificient view of the countryside. There will not be many villages today along our route so we will send you off with a packed lunch for you to enjoy at your leisure as you soak up the beauty of the green, flowery countryside before arriving in the fortified town of Semur en Auxois which is encircled by River Armancon and was the start of 2007 Tour de France.
Semur en Auxois to Auxerre -- 102km -- Thu 23 July 2015 -- B - D A
Day 10. Highlights: Auxerre – Capital of Lower Burgundy.
From Semur we will experience the bucolic side of France, pedaling through flat roads before a short climb to Avallon, an architectural medieval pearl in the middle of Burgundy. Take the time to explore the village and do not miss the collegiate de Saint Lazaire. From Avallon we will continue on quiet roads till the entrance of Auxerre where we will pedal through the historical centre on small medieval lanes to our hotel. Auxerre is the Capital of Lower Burgundy and home of some of the most famous wineries in France. Not to be missed is the historical center with its half-timber houses and the exquisite flamboyant Gothic Abbey of St. Germain. Auxerre is simply stunnning: explore the city and taste some typical local wines Chablis or the Cremant de Bourgogne.
Auxerre to Fontainebleau -- 125km -- Fri 24 July 2015 -- B L - A
Day 11. Highlights: Fontainebleau.
Great ride today as we cycle the flat and easy terrain, passing through villages and crossing the border with our final region that is the Ile de France region. A nice picnic lunch along the way will keep you going before reaching a few last short rolling hills as you near our final destination of Fontainebleau. Here you will admire one of the most famous French royal palaces: Fontainebleau. The Palace and the surrounding forest are popular destinations for Parisians to get out in the country and a lovely way to appreciate where the kings of France once lived.
Fontainebleau to the Eiffel Tower Paris -- 88km -- Sat 25 July 2015 -- B - D A
Day 12. Highlights: Pedaling into Paris, Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte, Moulin de Senlis.
Pedalling into Paris, the scenery, vineyards, villages, churches, magnificent architecture to Notre Dame Cathedral then finish under the Eiffel Tower with a champagne toast, photos and 3 cheers before cycling down to our hotel which is exceptional, placed between the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees, in a lovely area of Paris.
Paris -- NA -- Sun 26 July 2015 -- B - - -
Day 13. Highlights: See the Tour de France & enjoy Paris. 
Today we wander the sights of this wonderful city, and as an optional extra, some clients have bought a hospitality package on the Champs Elysees, with food, drinks and a giant screen opposite. Others are scouting around, grabbing their best vantage points for the last day of the Tour de France. Don’t miss it!
Optional Extras: enjoy the final day of the Tour de France in Paris with a fully catered grandstand package as the riders race up the Champs Elysees – see ‘Pricing’ tab on our website. Accommodation tonight an optional extra – see ‘Pricing’ tab on website.


  • 12 nights of great accommodation including 1 night pre tour (Turin) and 1 night post tour (Paris)
  • 12 breakfasts in stunning surroundings
  • 6 evening meals
  • 1 afternoon happy hour, 1 evening wine-tasting with snacks
  • 2 packed lunches and 1 picnic lunch
  • 1 champagne toast at the Eiffel Tower
  • See the last day of the Tour de France in Paris (grandstand packages additional cost)
  • The safety and assurance of touring with a proud Australian bicycle tour company with a history of great rides since 1997
  • Local European partner with over 40 years experience
  • Experienced, professional, bilingual local guides
  • Daily luggage transfer
  • Bike mechanical assistance

Payment Schedule:

  • Deposit on booking ($400)
  • Progress Payment 30 days after deposit (adding up to 40% of package cost)
  • Balance 2 Apr 2015 (3 months before the tours begin)
 Pricing Book after 2 May
12 nights twin share pp Ride completed
12 nights single room Ride completed
BOOK BOTH RIDES (Rome to Turin and Turin to Paris) TO RECEIVE A $500 DISCOUNT ($250 per ride)
Travelling on your own? You can still book a twin share package and we will partner you up with somebody else of the same gender each night. Offer open up to 2 Apr. After this date contact our office for availability.

Optional Extras

You will need to book any extra pre and post tour accom direct with our hotels. A PDF with more information about booking pre and post tour accom in our tour hotels in Rome, Turin & Paris will be released on this page soon.

Pre tour accom: If you are starting your ride with us in Turin, cycling to Paris, one night of pre-tour accom is already included in your package price (Tue 14 July). We suggest that you arrive in Turin on Mon 13 or earlier if possible. If you are cycling with us on both legs from Rome to Turin and Turin to Paris you do not need to book extra accommodation in Turin as all accommodation is included in your package prices.

Post tour accom: Paris is a great place to spend a few days. Our package includes 1 night in Paris after the tour (Sat 25 July) at a great location close to all the action of the final day of the Tour de France along the Champs Elysees.

Tour de France Final Day Paris Package: Want to make the most of your Tour de France experience in Paris? We have arrangements with an American tour company offering a limited number of final day packages available to watch the Tour de France. Options include various catered hospitality marquees and grandstands on the Champs Elysees. Select the option register your interest and we will send you the details (paid direct to tour company – not to AllTrails).

Bike Hire (recommended): These are really good bikes at a great price. $200 for one leg, or $300 for both legs (Rome to Turin and Turin to Paris). Click here for more details on Rome to Paris Hire Bikes.

Freight and storage: for those bringing own bike in hard shelled or large bike boxes/bags, starting in Rome or Turin. Approx EUR125-175. Final price TBA, to be paid direct on tour.

AllTrails t-shirt: $20. Good quality – subsidised significantly by AllTrails.

Famous Orange AllTrails Cycling Jersey: $35 – subsidised significantly by AllTrails.

We are happy to answer any other questions you may have

Feel free to contact us at any time through our website ‘Contact Us’ page, phone or email. We love what we do and want to get you on the best bike ride for you. Speak to us about what’s on your mind and we’ll help you make your decision.

Training for a long distance tour

You really need to be a reasonably keen cyclist, however not necessarily fast, but consistent. If you can sit on an average speed of 20-25 km/hr on the flat, and build your kilometre total distance in training to gradually attain about 100km + a day for 2 days straight, that will usually put you in a good position to be ready for most of our long distance tours. We have a training schedule specific to each ride which we send to you after you place your deposit, however we are more than happy to send this to you earlier when you are considering the tour – just ask us for a copy and we will get it out to you straight away.

Travelling alone?

Not a problem! You’ll find other like-minded cycling companions taking part in our rides. If you’re a solo traveller we can pair you with other solo travellers of the same gender in twin share accom (early bookers only) or you can opt for Single Supplement (additional cost) to receive a room of your own.

Snorers can enjoy their own room

If you are a chronic snorer or have other habits that may affect your fellow room-mates we suggest booking your own room (single supplement cost). This is not just a courtesy to your fellow travelling companions, but will also give you the space & privacy you need to enjoy your sleep after a long day on the bike.

Carrying personal items on the bike

We suggest you carry a spare tube, a full water bottle and your own personal goods such as phone, money and rain gear, on your bike with you. We transport your luggage, drawstring day bags, food & extra water. A more detailed list of things to bring and not bring is on our ‘Tour Preparation Guide’ which is sent out to you before the ride.


We have a great safety record, but accidents can happen. We have trained First Aiders as crew, comprehensive First-Aid Kits, a list of hospitals in the areas that we travel through, as well as mobile phones and a satellite phone for emergency calls when we are out of cellular range. Safety discussions are held throughout the tour as part of the daily briefings.

Speak to a past client

We will be happy to give you the names and telephone numbers of people who have participated in the ride or a similar ride to the one which you are considering. Where possible we will provide you with the details of someone within your city or state.
Another good place to look is our ‘Testimonials’ page.

Group discounts

Bring your friends and save some money! Many of our tours have group discounts for 3 or more entrants. Check out the ‘pricing’ tab on each ride page to see if group discounts apply to that tour. This generally excludes any optional extras such pre and post tour accom, cycling jersey, t-shirt etc. Contact our office for more details and information.

Group info session

Contact us if you would like to find out about booking an info session for your group of friends, or if you would like to find out about a travel talk happening near you in the future. Be inspired, hear from the experts, learn more about a destination and even book your tour on the night.

Changing or cancelling a tour

Should you wish to change your booking with AllTrails to a different tour, there will be a very reasonable service charge. We try to keep this figure as low as possible to allow flexibility where we can as we want to make sure that you get on the right tour for you. For cancellation and refund policies for your tour click the ‘T&Cs’ tab on the relevant tour page of our website.

If you need to cancel your tour, a travel insurance policy will cover cancellation fees due to most unforeseen events. This is why we provide links to travel insurance options and highly recommend that you investigate and purchase travel insurance for all our rides (including Australian domestic tours) at the time of deposit and ensure that it includes coverage for cancellation fees if for some reason you are not able to travel (see Travel Insurance FAQ). For our international tours we require all participants to have Travel Insurance to assist you in the event of a medical emergency, lost baggage, personal liability, cancelled tour or other trip related issues.

What sorts of people join our rides?

People from all parts of Australia and also some overseas guests. Ages generally range from 35 – 75 with the average age about 50-60 years old. Adventurous cyclists usually about 40% women & 60% men with a mix of singles, friends and couples.

Bike type – which is best?

A comfortable racing bike, road bike or touring bike with a good seat and road tyres. A hybrid is also possible if you are comfortable riding the daily distances and average speed of the tour, however these bikes can be around 20% slower than a road bike. Ask us for the ‘Training Tips’ document for this ride to get an idea of distances and speeds you need to train for.

Travel insurance for international rides

Yes, yes, yes. Make sure that you are covered for every country that you are travelling to and ensure that you are covered from and including the day you leave and arrive back home. Due to the nature of our rides we are sometimes in remote areas during the course of a ride – ensure that you have medical insurance that would cover the cost of a helicopter ambulance to transport you to the nearest hospital. We recommend getting your travel insurance in place immediately after you book your ride so that you are covered for unforeseen events which may lead to you having to cancel your trip.


Visa for Europe?

We will send you a Pre Departure Info document upon booking with more details on all aspects of your travel including visas – let us know if you would like us to send you the document now. In general, if you are on an ordinary Australian passport with no special circumstances (eg. criminal convictions) no visa is required when travelling for holiday purposes for a length of time under 90 days to the countries that we will visit in 2019. Two of the seven countries have no visa requirement for tourism purposes under 90 days and the other five countries are in the European Schengen Area. This means that entry to one country gives you entry to them all. Be aware that the 90 day limit runs concurrently across the whole of the Schengen zone and the countdown begins when entering any of the signatory countries. It does not reset when travelling into another country covered by the Schengen agreement. This is important if you are considering staying in Europe before or after the ride for more than 90 days total. A visa is a form of permission for a non-citizen to enter, transit or remain in a particular country. We do not issue visas for overseas travel and cannot provide definitive information on visas. Only the representatives of the countries you plan to visit can provide up-to-date information about their visa requirements. For all countries, contact your nearest embassy or consulate of the country you intend to visit well in advance of travel. For Australian passport holders, additional advice can be found on the Smartraveller website www.smartraveller.gov.au.

Bike Hire in Europe

Yes, you can hire a bike and we encourage you to do so. Hiring a bike will help you avoid hassles that arise on occasion with travelling on airlines with bicycles and also leave you free to enjoy pre and post tour travel without a bicycle as luggage. For those bringing their own bike, note that we may need to transfer bike bags and hard case bike boxes to the end of your ride at your own expense – contact us for more info. Our local operators have a great range of light weight titanium Van Nicholas hire bikes, which are high quality road bikes with drop down or flat handlebars. It’s your choice to add a small rack on the back for camera, jacket and any other personal items. You can also bring your own seat to give you that little bit of ‘home comfort’ and/or pedals if you wish. Click here for more info on hire bikes.

Staying in touch with home while overseas

Check with your mobile phone service provider to see where you will have coverage overseas and also confirm that global roaming has been activated on your phone.
As you may not always have mobile phone coverage, particularly if you travel into remote locations, it is sometimes good to purchase a phonecard or calling card when you arrive at the start of your tour, as many public telephones do not take coins. Otherwise it may be cheaper to purchase a local SIM card on arrival at your destination, or you can purchase a ‘Travel SIM’ which is SIM card that you put in your phone and works in many overseas countries. For more info see: www.travelsim.net.au.
Some towns may have an internet café or access to an internet terminal, so you may be able to check your emails from time to time while you’re away. If you don’t already have a web-based email account, it is a good idea to set one up before you leave, e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.

Safe cycling in Europe?

European motorists have a great reputation for being cyclist-considerate. We at AllTrails have a great safety record however cyclists have to play their part in keeping well over to the side of the road where possible. You will also be briefed before each day’s ride pointing out parts of the road that may get narrow or have any known hazards.

Meals and food in Europe

Always a big part of any cycling holiday! Our emphasis is on fresh local food and a balanced diet with plenty of carbohydrates, proteins, fruit and veggies catering for a cycling holiday. We always try to include as many local specialties, delicacies and flavours as possible. Our local team can cater to most dietary requirements, however please be aware that this can sometimes be a little more challenging in Europe and you may need to exercise some patience in this area – feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss further. We provide daily quality breakfasts and most dinners. You will generally purchase your own lunches and some evening meals however there are plenty of great bakeries and cafes along the way for you to pick up lunches and snacks as you wish (our team will give you recommendations).

Accommodation in Europe

Most hotels have been inspected and used on previous tours by our local guides, however on these expedition trips there may be some (very few) that have not been inspected other than online investigations. Hotels are generally of a good 3-4 star standard however can be of varying quality depending on the location and what’s available in the region. While creature comforts such as air-conditioning are sought, and most often found, we cannot guarantee this on every night of the tour. All rooms have ensuite facilities. In the smaller villages or more rural areas we often get lovely and interesting accommodation full of character and personality. We choose accommodation that is bicycle friendly, with good restaurants and near to town centres.

Weather in Europe

The tour has been specifically scheduled to run at the same time as the Tour de France so it’s in the middle of summer. Previous years experience suggests that some days will be very hot and you may get the odd day of rain, however most days should be beautiful weather. Of course, we can’t ever control the weather however this only adds to the adventure and excitement of your travel experience!
For more specific weather and climate information visit www.worldweather.org

Following the daily route in Europe

Our international guides will not only go ahead and mark the route with chalk, but will also provide maps and download the route for you on your GPS (let us know if you want some advice on purchasing a GPS). Each day you will reset your GPS and follow the line from your handlebars, with the backup of maps and chalk arrows on the road.

Support vehicles in Europe

The vans are travelling with you along the route, sometimes in front or behind, stopping at various points to allow you to refill your water or grab a snack.  The vans also go ahead to arrange food stops for you to choose whatever is available. If for some reason you cannot cycle a particular section of the ride, the support vehicle can also provide you a lift to your destination. You will usually see a support vehicle 2-5 times per day as they go about their duties and drive the route to ensure cyclist safety.

Local guides in Europe

We have some very impressive and knowledgeable local bike tour operators that we partner with in each region that we visit outside of Australia. Our chosen partner in Europe has over 40 years experience and has many high credentials. Their knowledge is exceptional, with multi lingual tour guides, qualified to look after all of your needs and helping the group understand and appreciate the local cultures and people. The interaction with our guides is often a highlight of the trip for many cyclists on these tours.

Packing for Europe

Limit your luggage to two medium-sized pieces. The best combination is a medium-sized suitcase on wheels and a small or medium carry-on bag, such as a backpack or a small duffel bag. Your baggage should be clearly labelled and kept to a reasonable minimum. Luggage limits on airlines are strictly enforced and space on vehicles is limited. Most economy class flights booked through Travel Agents (domestic and international) have a luggage limit of 20 kilograms per person and usually this can include your bike if you are not renting one in Europe. You will be required to carry your own luggage at times so you should be capable of carrying your own bags up and down stairs. A good guide is to try to keep it under 15kg. If you are doing lots of shopping during your travels, it may be necessary for you to forward any excess to the city where your journey concludes, or ship purchases directly home.

Why book with us?

We only run approximately 10 tours per year. This makes every tour as special to us as it is to you because we are not repeating the same rides over and over again week-in week-out. Every tour is meticulously planned and we are just as excited to be there as you – there is no bulk production-line here! On most occasions the owner-operators of the business will be on tour with you looking after everyone on the ride.  The safety and confidence that comes with that is one of many great reasons to book your cycling holiday with us.
AllTrails is a proud Australian owned company with a great reputation in the bicycle tour industry. We have earned that reputation through hard work and dedication and we sincerely care about every person on every tour. Our large community of loyal AllTrails riders that keep coming back year after year are testament to the high standard of tours that we provide. We consider ourselves the best in the business and we always make sure that our tours represent great value at a fair price.

Full terms and conditions for each ride are available via our booking system (directions to find them are below). These terms and conditions will also be sent to you with your confirmation email after booking.

To find the terms & conditions of this ride:

  • Click any ‘Book This Ride’ button on this webpage such as the one below (right click ‘open in new tab’)
  • Under the calendar click ‘Confirm availability’ (don’t worry about what package is selected)
  • Click ‘book now’ under the date of the ride start (highlighted orange)
  • Click the ‘Skip’ button at the bottom of the optional extras page
  • Scroll to the bottom of the questions page and click ‘terms and conditions’ hyperlink