Rodvig to Maribo to Eutin

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Day 2 We set off from Rødvig to Maribo for our first 100km day (or near enough).

The ride was flat and the countryside pretty, with the day broken up by well-spaced coffee and lunch breaks. We had a bridge of approximately 2kms long to cross to the island of Lolland before arriving in Maribo where our hotel was located on the edge of a lovely lake. There were a couple of minor spills today, take care on those bike paths everyone!

Day 3 Maribo to Eutin. Another ton today, at least for the AllTrailers who had an extra 5kms over the Experience Plus cyclists who are a separate tour group running concurrently. I guess we looked hungry for a little more punishment.

We started with 18kms to a ferry which would take us across our first border to Germany. I’ve never seen a ferry that takes a train before but this one did. Quite amazing to watch it roll on. Our extended group is melding well and there are no shortage of people to ride with between the 20-odd Aussies here in our group and the 20-odd cyclists with the other group, mainly from the USA.

The wind was pretty relentless today which made our 100kms feel like about 150km but we all made it in safe and sound to our lovely hotel in Eutin. We are the last group to stay as the owners have sold and the building is being turned into apartments. They tell us the winter is too long and they don’t get enough visitors to make it viable as a hotel anymore. We feel lucky because the owners make a beautiful fresh breakfast spread each morning and their hospitality was lovely. The guides are disappointed they won’t be able to stay in Eutin anymore – it’s these little gems away from the big cities and major tourist locations that make a cycle tour so special so it’s a pity that this place won’t be on the itinerary in the future – luckily there are lots of others to discover out there…

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