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Here is a message from a good friend of ours and regular AllTrails cyclist Alan who we have enjoyed many tours around Australia with.

Hi Guys

During the last few years, I have been involved with trying to save the Rhino. A friend of mine, Lynn Johnson, has been leading a world wide campaign from Melbourne in raising money to help educate the Vietnamese about the insanity of rhino horn. They see rhino horn as a gift of esteem, particularly in business circles, and their usage has been increasing, so rhino numbers correspondingly decrease. Therefore as Vietnam is the biggest market for rhino horn, Lynn’s focus is education through Vietnamese media which requires $$$. Her latest info below relates to a cycling venture by a friend of her’s Richard, to raise funds and I thought you might consider sending out info to your mailing list. It is a wonderful cause as in only a few year’s time, your grandkids will only ever see rhinos in zoos, as all in the wild will be extinct.


Support Richard’s Quest:


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