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Update on Phil’s training (and the Rome to Turin Bike Ride)

We are in the Dolomite Mountains in Northern italy and the scenery is spectacular. Stayed in resort beside river and ran 24km downstream & back, passing by a roaring waterfall. It was a tough run and I’m feeling a bit weary all over.

Visited 3 Reinhold Messner Museums then drove up & down mountains all day in search for great cycling routes for next year. Viewed Otzi the Iceman, a well-preserved natural mummy of a man who lived around 3,300 BC and other great and interesting sites in the area.

Three days after my previous run up and down the river, I ran 12km through a small town but felt quite sluggish. Four days later though we are in Turin to meet the new cyclists joining our Turin to Paris leg and also saying goodbye to those leaving in Turin. I ran 30km through Turin city and along side the river starting at 5.20am. Felt great, and had no soreness so I’m very happy.

We are eating good food over here including some amazing Italian pastries. We met the cyclists in Turin as they arrived from Rome – once again another terrific tour, the group saying they just loved the ride and our Italian tour guides.

i hope to do another 30km in the next 2 days. Thanks for all your donations – mentally and financially, the donations are a great boost to Kate & family (and also to me and my training).

Off into the French Alps in the coming days but I don’t think I’ll be running up Alpe d’Huez!

Ciao from Italy,

Phil (and Susan).

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